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Friday, November 20, 2015

Givingstream Blanket Drive #GiveLove #Gifts #Blanketsforhomeless

The Mommies Network is proud to bring you the following information about our friends at Givingstream, they are doing some awesomeness!!

Givingstream, a new socially responsible company, is orchestrating a
buy one give one blanket drive to provide every homeless person in Charlotte some warmth this winter.
The buy one give one model is a sales approach that allows customers to buy a product, like blankets or shoes, while donating another blanket or pair of shoes to someone in need.
According to the UNC Population Center there are around 2000 homeless individuals in Charlotte on any given night. With the cold weather approaching and the night time temperature dropping, something as simple as a fleece blanket can make a big difference.

“This past summer, we were doing a generosity event at a laundromat offering to pay for people's laundry," Co- Founder Hunter Rogers said in an explanation of where inspiration for this campaign stemmed from. "One man we approached said that we couldn't help him with his laundry because the only clothes he had, were the ones he was wearing. The first thing I thought was what does he do during the winter?”

Givingstream will be working with a number of the Charlotte based homeless shelters including Charlotte Rescue Mission and Urban Ministry Center to gift our neighbors in need with their own personal blanket.

“Traditionally, funds for causes are raised by big donors going to big fundraisers and give big checks," Co-Founder Genia Rogers said. "We love that, but there are so many kind hearted people out there that cannot go to a $1,000 a plate fundraiser. However they CAN buy jewelry, home goods, or clothes. In doing so, they are making a difference in someone's life. We believe that making someone's day has the potential to change their world.”

Givingstream is aiming to have all the blankets by early December so that they can
distribute them by Christmas. 

Below are just a few examples of the beautiful blankets offered by Givingstream in many different colors and price ranges, all and buy one and give one to a homeless shelter! Order yours today and give back!
Alpaca Royale Blanket
Fleece Tribal Blanket
Alpaca Royale Blanket

About Givingstream

Givingstream was launched in late 2014 to bring together everyday products that give back.
Every product sold on Givingstream has some sort of “do good” element to it. Some of the companies donate a large percentage of their profits to charity, others employ people coming out of extreme poverty or homelessness, and a few use a buy one give one model. The founders, mother and son duo, Genia and Hunter Rogers wanted to create a place where people could inject simple generosity into their everyday lives.

How to Participate

The opportunity is simple. Head over to Givingstream’s website( and browse through the wide range of gorgeous blankets from fleece to Alpaca wool.You will receive yours in the mail and another will be sent from us directly to the homeless shelter.

Givingsteam will keep you updated with how many blankets have been given away via Social Media.

Together we can buy and do good!

You can also help by joining us for Trunk Shows, learn how to participate in your own trunk show, or join us for a local one like the one below on November 21st.

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