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Friday, October 17, 2014

Shaving Time and Shaving Money In Your Busy Life #timemanagement #moneysavers #frugalmoms


How many of you wish you could have more time and money? All of us do don't we? Our lives seem so much busier these days, we run from sun up til sun down and never have enough hours in the day to get all those "things" done. Then we go to bed and worry about how we are going to afford to do the things in life we want. I know just how you feel, being a parent these days is a hard job.

Lets talk about some ways we can take some stress off our life, add more time with our friends, family and time for yourself.

Tips for Shaving Time (off those "things" and getting your time back)

  1. Number one thing- Learn to say NO!! (stop adding extra work onto your already busy list)
  2. Plan your trips- make a strategic list of all the things you need to do, make ONE trip out - don't go to the grocery store but once a week or if you can once a month, add picking up prescriptions or a dental/doctors visit to the same day, don't waste gas.
  3. If you are going to waste time --do it at the end of the day--Facebook, Pinterest etc. blogging and other distractions can be done After you have your important tasks finished, so if time gets away from you (or you are like me and fall asleep on the couch--confession time) you already have your important things finished.
  4. Create a routine if you do something over again- like laundry- make a schedule and post it on the family calendar/grand central area. Tuesday--Dark clothes, Wednesday- Whites, Thursday- towels Friday- sheets/bedding. Involve the entire family with that routine, even small children like a routine and can help.
  5. About that Family Calendar- Grand Central Station-- for communication- so everybody knows what to expect everyday, as a nurse, homeschooler and weekend worker, my poor family needs to know what we are doing, and eating every single day of the week. When is mom working and when is mom sleeping (since I work third shift and dare them to wake me up--I have
  6. Shave everybody's online and internet time, make a day of each week for "Family night" and do not allow phones or tablets to the party. You won't believe how much more time, laughs and projects you can get done when everybody chips in to play a board game or plan to just clean out the garage.
  7. Plan a menu for each week or if you can do it monthly, it does not have to be elaborate, but just a blueprint for your shopping and planning.
  8. Order online and let someone else bring your shopping to you, save time, money and gas. Amazon and many other box stores now have all the same stuff you might buy at the store. Have you tried The Dollar Shave Club ?? you can actually order razors, shaving cream and butt wipes online! And they are great! The prices are fantastic also.


Tips for Shaving Money (off those "things" you have to buy or think you have to buy)

  1. Another number ONE -- Learn to Say "NO" to things you just don't need (come on, you know you can do without a Starbucks Venti sized Carmelo MaccioChocolateWonderful with whip every day of the week, or what ever your spurge is each day)
  2. Make your coffee, tea or other daily morning beverage at home, you can find tons of recipes online, put it in a pretty thermal mug and off you go-- you save money and the time it took to run thru the drive thru.
  3. Pack your lunch along with your kids lunches. Practice portion control and you will shave off a few pounds in addition to shaving off $$.
  4. Create a price list book -- it can be as fancy as a notebook with colorful printed out sheets or just a spiral notebook from the Dollar Tree. Do some research at your local stores of the most commonly bought items your family uses and how much each store charges for that item. You can them compare prices each week with the sale papers, your coupons if you use them and your meal plans. It is worth the research, you will have a good idea of prices and if an item is really a good buy or not.
  5. Try couponing, you can save money using couponing if you can dedicate the time to make it work.
  6. Shop again online if you are going to gain the time and money savings, I love using Amazon for many things and have my most commonly used items on a monthly order now. Since I now have a teen male that is shaving along with my hubby, we use The Dollar Shaving Club monthly now for our razors, it saves me money and time, plus my daughters and myself use the razors too (shhh don't tell the boys) , we don't run out of razor blades now and I could not stand to pay nearly $25 for refills for their fancy razors. They love The Dollar Shaving Club blades!
  7. Create your own washing soap, cleaning products out of simple household ingredients. You can find the recipes on Pinterest or Google them . I use vinegar and baking soda to clean everything now, buy it in bulk at your local Sams or Cotsco and you have plenty.
  8. Reuse your water bottles, or buy water bottles for each member of the family in doubles or triple and wash them out. Mark their initials or a color code on them with a permanent marker. Refill and put in the refrigerator. Can you imagine how much money you are spending on buying water from the store??
  9. Use old socks instead of those expensive sweeper duster(Swiffer) thingys, just wash the sock when it gets to dirty. Those fuzzy socks work the best, but my husband's old socks work great too.
  10. Make your own baby wipes-- Baby shampoo and old cloth diapers or paper towels- you can find recipes online also. I use these baby wipe things to clean everything else too, with pets in our house we have a zoo and they are messy too. Cleaning counter tops, sinks, the bathtub, you name it they work for everything you can (my cats are running and hiding now)
  11. Make Pinterest your best friend for finding ways to save time and money, it is mine, gets my creative brain juices going. Set a timer --so you don't spend 3 hours on there :) learn how to search using the hashtag #, you will find what you want faster and not get distracted by all those cool recipes.

I hope some of these ideas help you, they have helped our family as we live on a very limited budget and I have had to learn out of necessity to live without and say NO more often. Your family grows up so fast, so every little nugget of time you can spend with those kids is priceless.

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