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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Middle School Makeover Part 1: Introduction and Foundation! #bookclub #middleschoolmakeover #parenting #teens

In this section, Michelle Icard breaks down her goals and basic set up for her book. She says the “middle school makeover is about improving the way we think about the middle school years. What if, instead of dreading middle school, we got excited about it?” (p 11). Her idea is to not let your own experiences with middle school spoil how you might talk about it with your child. 

This is an important stage in your child’s life because, “our experience in middle school sets the foundation for what we believe about ourselves in high school and beyond” (p 19). It is the time when one starts developing their own individual identity apart from their parents. On page 12 Michelle suggests using positive words such as “opportunity” and “exciting” to encourage a more optimistic view of this part of their adolescence.

Plainly summarized: “Our middle school makeover begins with shedding any negative thoughts you still carry around from your own experiences and preparing to support your child’s independent experience, by being enthusiastic and hopeful about this new phase in your kid’s life” (p 19).

Discussion Questions:

How did your parents speak with you about middle school? Did that affect how you went in to the experience?

Have you tried or had any success with using positive words to encourage enthusiasm toward middle school?

What are your concerns/fears going in to this next stage with your child?

Please comment to share any personal thoughts/experiences or reactions to Michelle’s middle school story!

Also, if you’re looking for a fun activity, check out this quick middle school maze game to take you back to the good ole’ days! 

1 comment :

  1. I will have to say that I am totally enjoying this book! I hated middle school and it was the turning point in my life that lead me down a path of destruction due to my emotional turmoils. With some knowledge now I can hopefully keep my 2 daughters from the same path. Excited to read more of the posts!


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