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Monday, May 26, 2014

13 Ways To Say Thank You On Memorial Day #memorialday #freedom #wearegrateful

Memorial Day is a very special day that we show our respect for those who have fallen while making the sacrifice to give us our freedoms here in America. The Armed Forces deserve our attention everyday of course, but especially today. Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering the men and women who died while serving in the country's armed forces. There are many things we can do to celebrate this day and honor our veterans.
Here are several ideas that your entire family can participate and learn from too.

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  1. Make a phone call to a veteran that you know, or the family of a fallen veteran to thank them for their service. 
  2. Write a nice letter or email, make handmade cards or send a nice care package to veterans you know saying thank you. Have your kids draw pictures or color a picture of our flag to send them. 
  3. Tweet  using a hashtag # specific for thanking veterans today like #wearegrateful #thankyouveteran #memorialday #servicethanks , just do a search and find out what might be trending for today.
  4. Send a care package to a person that is serving actively overseas right now, include letters, pictures, etc to make that person feel more connected to home and thank them for what they are doing. 
  5. Fly a patriotic flag to show your colors and support
  6. Attend a Memorial Day parade and cheer loudly for the veterans as they parade past. Make signs saying Thank You to hold up.
  7.  Make cookies to take to a veteran or a group home for retirees, nursing home with many veterans (check diets first, call ahead) 
  8. Post on your Facebook and other social media accounts a colorful flag photo or your kids holding up flag pictures they have drawn or colored saying thank you, tag the pictures with any veterans you know or their families. 
  9. Sit down as a family and learn the history of Memorial Day, our flags, branches of the Armed Forces etc. Take a quiz on your knowledge.
  10. Offer to do yard work, odd jobs, grocery shopping, pet sitting, house work etc for any elderly or shut in veterans that might need help. These people served our country, they deserve our support and help. 
  11. Plant red, white and blue flowers for a nearby retirement home that has many veterans, they will enjoy them during the summer months. 
  12. Do something, don't just sit back and hope that somebody else will. 
  13. Donate to The Mommies Network, our chapters work on many of the above projects on a local level and can use the financial support to help them pay for items needed. The link is HERE to donate

Happy Memorial Day today
Thank you so much for your service or your family members service to our country! 

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