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Thursday, March 27, 2014

5 Fashionable Must-Haves for Mommies #fashion #moms

As a mommy myself, I understand that our wardrobe may not be the priority anymore.
We want to make sure that our children have cute clothes to wear and are taken care of first, and sometimes may forget to do the same for ourselves.
However, we have to make ourselves and our appearance a priority too.
When you do get a chance to do some shopping for mommy, consider picking up these pieces  that will be sure to step up your style.

Crossbody bags are huge these days, so there are plenty of them in stores now.
Whether it is a fab messenger-style bag, clutch-style or fringed boho style crossbody, these are a great stylish option for a mommy.
You can sling these kinds of bags across your body for hands-free fashion and put you and your child's on-the-go essentials in them. Be sure to pick one that is durable and comfy.
*If you want to carry a small crossbody bag, just bring another small bag for the kids' stuff.
*If you want to carry a large crossbody bag for both you and the kids' stuff, choose a bag with lots of pockets and organize items with baggies and small pouches.

Sunglasses are definitely a must-have!
They are one of the easiest ways to bump you up in style status and are super helpful for those days when you have tired eyes from a rough night with the little one.
No makeup? Not feeling friendly? No problem. Bust out the sunnies! 

Flats (shoes without height for our purposes) are a fabulous, functional item for a mommy's wardrobe.
I'm talking anything from ballet flats to mocassins and even some suave styles of sneakers.
You can chase after a toddler at the playground or do grocery shopping with a good pair of these types of shoes.
Get yourself one, two or even three go-to pairs of cute, quality, comfortable flat shoes that will go with your outfits. 

Trench coats are amazing because you could be wearing the craziest clothing under them, but once you button that jacket up and tie that belt, you are automatically pretty put-together.
If you are in a hurry to get the kids to school and you don't have time to put on a real outfit, just make sure you throw on this trusty piece with real shoes, like a pair of the flats described in #3 (please, no slippers).

I'm sure you have had those days where your hair or headscarf was just not cooperating.
Throwing on a stylish headband and brushing the rest of your hair down or doing a quick bird's nest style bun is quick and easy.
Or, if you are just not in the mood or don't have time for doing your hair or doing up your headscarf at all, just throw a cute hat on (hat on top of the headscarf).
There are lots of options out there for hats and hair accessories.
Pick one that you love, that is relatively versatile, and rock it!

-Hanifah Ashry
Fashion Consultant, Emerald Brocade Consulting

*Check out her misadventures, memories and more as a Mommy on her
 That Mommy Life Facebook page:

*Find out about her fashion consulting business Emerald Brocade Consulting at:
Hanifah Ashry is a  Muslim mother of one, originally from New York.
She spends her time caring for her son, building her fashion consulting business Emerald Brocade Consulting and enjoys food, teaching, music, dancing, travel and nature.

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