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Friday, December 13, 2013

What Are You Missing? Hurry Don't Miss Out!

Photos shared by K Davies of TMN and RichmondMommies 
Excited little ones!
What an amazing response to our Santa Letters campaign! We are so excited to partner with Top Santa Letters to bring you the very best, unique letters from The Big Guy himself. But all good things must come to an end. If you still haven’t selected a package, you have until Tuesday, December 17th to do it. So what are you waiting for?

Here’s just some of what you could miss:
· NEW! See a preview of what your REAL letter will look like - an exclusive for Top Santa Letters
· NEW! Order for more than one child in a single transaction - another exclusive for Top Santa Letters
· NEW! Order items individually- yet ANOTHER exclusive for Top Santa Letters
· Order easily with our Unique Letter Creator Process™ which allows you to be in control every step of the way
· All templates and letters are custom designed and one-of-a-kind
· Entire letter can be edited, creating a truly unique letter for each recipient
· You can choose the closing and create the P.S. of each letter
· Choose from many letter templates including a Baby’s First Christmas letter, Religious letter, Classroom letter, and many more!
· Spell check is available for all letters
· Each letter is signed by Santa
· Addressed to your child in gold labels
· Includes North Pole Postmark
· Shipped in a green or red envelope from Santa Claus himself
· FREE Shipping on all orders
· FREE Christmas activity Sheets and stickers with all orders
· Additional Packages available to give your child a complete experience!
Wow that box is packed full of surprises! 
Plus a portion of every sale comes back to The Mommies Network to continue providing a safe and FREE place for moms across the country. Get a great gift and support moms? That’s sure to get you a place on the Nice List!

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