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Friday, September 20, 2013

Time to Vote! Redbook's Hot Husband's Contest~ TMN dads #redbook #mommiesnetwork


Redbook's 2014 Hot Husbands Finalists

 (2 are TMN dads!)

We are excited to announce that 2 of the finalists in the Redbook 2014 Hot
Husbands Contest are actually husbands of 2 of our Mommies Network moms!

Voting is open until October 27th! Lets meet our Mommies Network

Out of 1500 hot husbands only 25 are picked to be finalists. We are especially proud of 2 of those hotties, they actually are sweethearts to a couple of our local chapter mom's.
James Hasty and Jason Vick were entered into the Redbook hottest husband contest by their wives. When each Meghann Hasty and Ericka Vick saw the posts on their chapter forums and our Mommies Network blog they knew that their husbands were perfect matches for the contest.
Neither husband was aware that they had been entered into the contest and were quite embarrassed by the entry. Both James and Jason are wonderful dads, providers and husbands ....and they do dishes (swoon).
Below you will find some more information about each husband, pictures of them and their families and the local TMN chapter logo their wife hails from.
Both of these men are winners in our eyes, but only one winner will be announced out of the 25 finalists of course. Please vote via the link below! You have until October 25th to get your vote in.
Good Luck!!

James Hasty, 38

Hometown: Harrisburg, NC
Profession: Financial advisor
Family: Married 12 years; father to Jake, 7, Seth, 5, Aubrey, 3, and Taylor, 1
Nope, that’s not Blake Shelton you're looking at, but you wouldn’t be the first person to confuse James Hasty with The Voice star. “People stop James daily to tell him he looks like Blake,” says his wife, Meghann, 32. But when she first spotted him 14 years ago, James wasn't exactly the charming cowboy type. “Oh, Lord! I met him in a pool hall when I was a senior in high school. He had a cigarette behind his ear, a scruffy beard, and was nursing his third beer. I thought he was so hot and looked like a bad, bad boy,” she says. The two started dating despite their six-year age difference, and it turns out, this bad boy is a great husband and father. “We have four kids under the age of 7, and things get pretty crazy in our house. James always makes my needs a priority,” Meghann says. “He builds our kids climbing walls and monkey bars, plays dollhouse with our daughter, and has ‘talk time’ with them before bed. He’s the dad I always dreamed of for my kids.” James is also in touch with his sensitive side—when he proposed to Meghann, he read her his journal entries about everything he’d been looking for in a woman. “He told me I was the one he was praying and waiting for all those years.”  Look out, Blake, you've got some serious heartthrob competition.

Jason Vick, 37 

Hometown: Lexington, NC
Profession: Facility technician
Family: Married 7 years; father to Tyler, 3, and Dawson, 1
You don’t have to tell Ericka, 31, that opposites attract—she and Jason are living proof. “I’m creative and tend to get distracted easily,” she says. “Jason balances that perfectly.” And he takes pretty good care of Ericka, too—cooking, cleaning, washing her car, and doing whatever he can to make her happy (but it doesn't take much). “His deep voice sends chills down my spine, and he has these beautiful brown eyes with light green rings around them.” But Ericka’s attraction to him wasn't always so palpable. The couple met at a ‘60s-and-‘70s-themed New Year’s Eve party. “Jason was dressed in a wig, glasses, and bell bottoms, and he made everyone laugh, so we got to chatting,” says Ericka. “When he changed into normal clothes and approached me again, I thought I had to ditch the costumed guy for this other, more handsome one, not realizing they were the same man!” Two years later, the couple got married, but unfortunately the day didn't start off so smoothly. “Jason woke up on our wedding day throwing up,” she says.  “We thought it was just nerves, but it turned out the paint fumes in our ‘newly renovated suites’ made him sick.” says Ericka, 31. Still, there was a happy ending. “My favorite memory from that day was looking into his eyes and realizing he was mine, officially, forever.”

To Vote now go Here   to the surveymonkey page, scroll to the bottom 
and choose either James H or Jason V
Thank you for your vote!! 

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