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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Social Media Saturday: Top Social Media iPhone Apps #socialmedia #mommiesnetwork

Whether you have an iPhone, iPad or another form of smart phone, we all have to agree that these 
gadgets make our social media lives much easier. What did we do without them?
With so many apps available in the app store these days, how do you know which ones to choose?

If you are using apps for social media, these are some of my favorites:

Hootsuite:My #1 busy mom choice! HootSuite is already one of the most popular social media management tools and thankfully they also offer an iPhone app. I use this app daily to manage many accounts at once. It works on PC, iPhone and my iPad. I schedule many of my social media posts for several accounts for weeks at a time. Saves me so much time and effort! Highly recommend this app. 

EveryPost: This useful app basically allows you to post your updates to all the major social networks from one place. All you have to do is write your message, add photos or videos  hashtags and people and then send it any social network you want (or even all at the same time)

Facebook: You gotta have a app for Facebook of course! You can use it to keep an eye out for your friends’ updates, share updates, photos and videos, get notifications, play games and talk to your friends. If you like using Facebook’s messaging service, I recommend the Facebook Messenger app, as it work much better

Facebook Page Manager: I use this app more than any Facebook app several times a day! The Facebook Pages Manager app allows you to manage all of your Facebook Pages from one place. I personally much prefer this app to the regular Facebook app. You can use it for posting updates and photos, respond to comments, reply to private messages, view Page Insights and you can also set up push notifications so you never miss a thing! 

Twitter: The official Twitter app allows you to add multiple Twitter accounts, but you can only access one at a time. You can view conversations, respond to tweets, retweet other users, post updates, photos and videos and browse hashtags and various conversations.

Vine: With Vine, you can create short, looping videos – think of them as the video equivalent of a tweet – that you can then share with your friends and fans. You can follow other users, upload as many videos as you want and explore trending posts and hashtags.

Instagram: Great app for personal and business's, engage with your audience and customers on a more personal level! The popular photo-sharing app allows you to post photos for the world to see and to follow other users and see their photos. Many other apps for decorating your photos to share on instagram, make them pop!

Pinterest: You gotta get on board with Pinterest! You are missing the boat if you are not! The Pinterest app allows you to keep control of your account and your boards on the go. You can pin images that you love from around the web and add them to your boards and explore other users’ pins and boards. 

Google +: The Google+ iPhone app is one of the better social networks apps – it’s easy to use and intuitive and doesn't crash. Use it to keep up to date with your circles, share text, link and photo updates, check in as well as join hangouts. If you use the Hangouts feature often, try the Hangouts app.

Tumbler: The Tumblr app allows you to share photos and other media and post text updates and links, while managing all of your blogs.

Buffer for Facebook and Twitter: I am a huge fan of Buffer and have just started using  their iPhone app. You can use it share to your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and accounts from the same place.

Status Shuffle for Facebook: Love this app !If you are ever in dire need of inspiration for new status updates for Facebook, try this useful app. It has an extensive collection of statuses that you can choose from, ranging from funny to sad or simply crazy!

Echofon for Twitter: I have the free app and it works great too! Echofon Pro is a bit more expensive than other apps, but definitely worth the money for anyone using Twitter extensively. The app is fast and reliable, easy to use and has real-time push notifications. You can use it to easily manage your Twitter account and even tweet over 140 characters with their tweet extender.

Some information credit to one of my favorite social media blogs

How connected are you? What are your favorite apps? 
Share with us in the comments, I would love to hear from you!


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