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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Super Mom Aspirations and Tangerine Dreams :Guest Post - The Mommies Network: A Beautiful Thing!

Reblog from Mommies Network member blog  Super Mom Aspirations and Tangerine Dreams

It is not about me. But it has become a part of my new life. A part of my life that I would like to share with other moms. Some of the moms will be just like me and others will be completely different from me. It is a beautiful thing. I have spent the last couple of months working on getting this up and running in my local area. I have met a little bit of resistance, most likely because I am not explaining it right. I feel like if I take a moment here to explain exactly what it is all about, maybe the other mothers out there will understand it a little bit better. I am not selling anything. I am not at the top of a pyramid. I truly just want to help and support and learn and grow, together, as mothers. If you like what you read here, please share this post wherever you can so that I may reach as many moms as possible. This isn't just for my current friends and family members. It is for all the moms. I am sure you know a few.

Why The Mommies Network? I did my research. At the end of March there was a local tragedy involving a mother and her children. I will not get into all of that again but here is a link to a post I wrote a few days later because I had a lot of feelings to get off of my chest  Desperations of a Wounded Mother. The response I received to this post was overwhelming. My words reached out and touched more people than I could have possibly imagined. After this all happened it got me thinking...hard. What do we have, as mothers, to reach out to when we are at our darkest moment? When we feel alone? When no one else understands? When it is four in the morning and everyone is asleep and you need to talk? When something wonderful just happened and you want to shout it from the rooftops? Not all of us have someone to reach out to. I needed to find something for us. I felt like I had to do something. So I jumped on my laptop and did some digging.

What did I find? There are many different kinds of support out there, nationally and locally. What I noticed is that most of the support I found was very specific: depression support, volunteering in the community groups, suicide hot lines and so on. When I stumbled across The Mommies Network, I was refreshed to find a group that was all inclusive. And even is free. It has been around for years and was represented in thirty three states already. It is run off of volunteers as a national non-profit organization. There are no monthly or annual dues. Money can be tight, I should know as a family of seven on one income. No mother should feel like they can not participate or get the support that they need because they are broke. All moms are welcome. Moms from every age and stage of motherhood. Are you trying to conceive your first bundle of joy? Are you an empty nester? You are all welcome.

What will you get out of The Mommies Network? What ever you need. Maybe you just hop online once a month and peek around. Maybe you love it and want to be on daily. Maybe you want to attend local Moms Night Out or Play Dates or Family Fun outings. Maybe you have no desire to ever meet anyone face to face. What you get and how much you put into it will never be judged. You make it what you want it to be. You fit it into your life at your pace and your comfort level.

How does it work? If you would like to join, you go to and click on "Join". You will need to fill out an online application. They will ask for your address. Why? Because they need to firstly, make sure which County you reside in so you may be placed in your local chapter, if there is one, and secondly, they will do a background check on you. Again, why? Because we hold local events with families and children in attendance and we need to make sure you are a "safe" person to have near our families. Some people may not be comfortable with this, but as for me, I am grateful to the network and appreciate their diligence.

Once you are approved and receive your login information, you will be a member of the national chapter and have access to all of the amazing forums and can start connecting with other mothers around the nation. If there is a local chapter in your area, you will have access to all of that too. For example, I started the first chapter in Minnesota. We are called MinneapolisMommies and are specifically for mothers residing in Anoka and Hennepin Counties. Any events I create will be for the moms in my own area group. My chapter is very new and we only have a few members so far. We have held a few events like Moms Night Out to the movies or karaoke, storytime and craft time at the local library for the children. Coming up in August we have a family day at a local museum, another movie night for the moms and National Moms Night Out. The possibilites are endless and I will try to come up with new and fun ideas as we grow. I am open for suggestions, too.
Once our local chapter becomes large enough, we will be moved to our own website. We will be looking for business sponsors to help sustain our needs. All donations are 100% tax deductible. We will be taking on more volunteers to help with event planning, volunteer coordinating, forum moderation, etc. For now it is all up to me. I am enjoying the challenge but also look forward to what the future will bring for MinneapolisMommies.

It's a beautiful thing! I personally am enjoying some of the online forums like 'Moms of Muliples' and 'Blended Families' support. There is something for everyone. If you need someone, there is usually someone else online, too. Another thing that I love about the network is that it is family friendly. I never have to worry about a child walking up behind me and seeing something inappropriate on my computer screen. I am comfortable with what is posted and confident in the network to keep it so. Sometimes on Facebook, or other places, a picture might be too much and I need to be more careful and aware. Not on TMN. I have so much respect for them as an organization.
So that is the just of it. I ask all of you, as a favor, to share this with the moms you know. You never know who could really need or use something like this. They might not know it exists or have the will to seek it on their own. Maybe they need a little help or a new friend. That's what it's all about. Thank you.
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