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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tiger Moms, Taking Extreme Parenting to The Most Extreme #parenting #tigermoms

Interesting approach to parenting your children, forced, strict, and extreme.  Tiger Mom - a very strict mother who makes her children work exceptionally hard and restricts their free time so that they continually achieve the highest grades: Usually associated with Asian-Americans.
Tiger Moms stole the spotlight in 2011 when Amy Chua, a Chinese-American mother, published the book "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother"

- The book told many stories of how Chua raised her two daughters under a "traditional Chinese" method
- Her extreme parenting style enraged many readers
- Her parenting methods included
- forced music practice every day
- restrictions on extracurricular activities
- bans on many social events
- punishment and shaming
- Anecdotes include
- rejecting the plain birthday card her daughter made for her
- calling her oldest daughter garbage

What do you think about Tiger Mom's?

Year of the Tiger Mom
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  1. I think Ms. Chua's parenting techniques WERE extreme (she acknowledges that in her book) but I really really think people should read the entire book before commenting. Part of her point in writing it was to point out the challenges that her extreme approach created.

  2. I have never heard of tiger parenting, thank you for sharing. From the looks of tiger parenting, it is a very distant and strict form of parenting. I would hate to be the child on the receiving end of a tiger mom.

  3. Tiger Parenting is extreme, and although I'm not that mom, I did pull some really helpful tips and inspirations from Chua's book. It helped me to expect more from my children and not let them slide by when they could do better. It also helped me not tell them EVERYTHING they do is phenomenal. I save that deep praise for when it really counts. I thought it was an awesome read.


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