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Friday, May 17, 2013

What does The Mommies Network mean to you?

Every morning, I do the same thing. I get my cup of coffee while I make breakfast for the kid. I gather the clothes together, making a small pile on the sofa next to me- awaiting the completion of whatever cereal or breakfast bar is being consumed by the little one in the kitchen. I sip my coffee and grab my phone, and I log into my chapter of The Mommies Network. I click " View Your Posts" to see if there have been any responses to my latest musings. Then, I go onto The Mommy Forum, then Relationships,usually heading to the conversations that have the most appeal...the ones with the most posts! Maybe take a timeout to get the kid dressed. Then onto my area group, then my support groups. Then I swing over to my Facebook, then my Twitter, then back to my chapter of The Mommies Network to see the newest posts. I do this about 20 or 30 times a day...rinse and repeat.

Occasionally, I will get particularly attached to a it my own or someone elses. Then, I might check in 40 or 50 times a day ( thank God for smartphones!). Every now and then I'll be a part of a conversation that is gaining traction...bunches of posts, and my heart is lifted with each page of conversation that is page...two pages...five pages! It's like Christmas morning every time I open a page....a slight joy to see what has been added.

Sometimes, it's fluff...a coupon I found or looking for new homeowners insurance. Sometimes it's issue with my Mother-in-Law or a behavioral issue with my little one. Sometimes it's topical...a news piece or an article I found. But each time, it is the same feeling. I am a part of something- a community that shares something special and something unique.

How many times have you done this?

Now, I need to think about what that MEANS to me. I knew early on that it meant a great deal to me; it meant that I was a part of a network of women who took on their identity as a Mommy, and took it to another level. I knew that becoming a mother forced me to re-identify who I was as a person, because I was forever changed by the little wonder that appeared in my life. But being a part of The Mommies Network took it to a new level. It allowed me to take the new me.- the mother me- and USE it. By using it, I became a Mommy. I used all of those tools that came with motherhood and I applied them. My words became softer, my ideas became firmer, and my passions shifted from what was good for me to what was good for the world I was creating for my child.

Along the way, I have met mothers who are very different than me. I have encountered people that I would have never counted as my friends in my life before motherhood. However, I can now see them for what they are ... exactly like me. Their ideas might be different, and their style may be different, but their reasons and their execution is cornered in exactly the same place as mine. Everything they do is the result of their love for their children. They, too, have been forever changed by becoming a mother, and they are on the same journey as me, figuring out how to apply this unique relationship to how they relate to the world.

So, when I think about The Mommies Network, I need to think about what it is to me, and the solution becomes so simple. The Mommies Network gave me to the place to FIND all of these things. It was the platform, the medium, the safe space where I was able to make the most of the new me. The value in that is not simple to measure, but it is clear to me that I have to find a way to measure it, and give back in turn.

There are so many ways to give back, and if you are like me, you want to give back to someone else what you have received. This network does not exist on it's own. It takes time and energy and money and resources. There are opportunities to give back at every turn. You can donate time, you can donate resources, you can sponsor, you can donate money, you can be a part of the events, or you can just show up to witness the efforts of others who have given back. All of these things expand the network. They make it available to more and more women who are just like you. As we work together, we make the number of mothers in our network larger and larger, and we are able to do more and more to make the world a better place for our children.

I encourage everyone to look at themselves as a Mommy, and think about what it means to you. Right now, The Mommies Network is holding their annual May is for Mother's campaign to help meet the monetary demands of running the network. If being a Mommy has value to you, match it with a donation. However, there are other ways you can contribute. There are volunteer positions available both at The Mommies Network and at the Chapter level. Consider donating your time to this worthy cause. If you are a business owner, consider sponsorship with The Mommies Network as a way to give back to these communities and engage with the membership.

But, most of all, see your identity as a Mommy as something that makes you a part of something special, and embrace what that means to you! Because there are a million ways to mother ... and one network for us all.

Thank you for supporting The Mommies Network!

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