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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Social Media Saturday: Pinterest is Changing Are you Ready? #infographic

Each Saturday I thought I would start posted helpful information for our chapters and other readers about all things social media. As the Senior Advisor for Social Media for The Mommies Network, I have the pleasure of being "social " all day long and most days into the night too. I have learned so much by just trial and error to tell you the truth, learning hands on and reading everything I can get my hands on that is related to social media. Yes they do make a Social Media for Dummies book and yes I have read it
My most favorite social media spot is Pinterest of course (2nd to Instagram now) and Facebook of course....or maybe Twitter....oh my there are so many. Pinterest has changed if you have noticed, do you understand all those changes? Pinterest is a very highly recommended social media site for anyone with a blog or in business. Even if you wish to just get your name out there in the social world.The infographic above has some of the changes, since the roll out of the new updates Pinterest has updated a few key things, you can share to Twitter still (thank goodness) and I have been using hashtags in my posts and to search just fine. Make sure if you change to the new updated Pinterest that you are sure, you can not go back to the old version!
You can email me anytime if you have social media questions, I will be glad to help you anytime 
Next Saturday we will talk Twitter


  1. I'm already having problems getting my pins to stay in because of the new code they implemented. Is anyone else having problems with their pins?

    1. Oh yes Melissa, I am not liking the new update at all, I wished I had kept the old version now


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