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The Mommies Network is a 501c(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping moms find support and friendship in their local community. We were founded April, 2002 and currently have 119 communities in 33 states, with over 30,000 active members nationwide.

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Friday, May 3, 2013

A Word From Our President #mommiesnetwork

Heather Fortune: Founder and President of The Mommies Network

Greetings to our wonderful members!

As we march into May, I'd like to take a moment and wish each of you a Happy Mother's Day. So often, we as moms don't get the regular pat on the back for our hard work that other jobs offer. Our "rewards" are not found in a paycheck, but in the first smile of our beautiful baby, or the toddling steps of our two-year old, or the extra-long hug from our teenager. Moms are built to see the beauty where no one else can, to see the benefit of years of investment of time and love and energy, to see that growth can occur in many ways, and often when least expected.

This ability to see beyond what is there is something I believe we are granted when we become mothers – so that we can see potential in our children from the moment they are born, so that we can love this little helpless baby and know what greatness we hold in our arms.

When I started CharlotteMommies eleven years ago, I felt like this wonderful quality we share as mothers could be the key to changing how our communities work – and how we care for each other. We can see what is not yet there – we can love before the person has really done anything worthy of love – we can care even though the one we care for doesn't acknowledge or even appreciate our love.

If we can do this for our children, why can't we do this for each other? Why can't we seek the good in each other, and assume, at the foundation, that each of us has this gift – this "power" to see the potential of others and encourage each other to reach that potential.

Through the years, we have tried many ways to spread this message – to provide a place where mothers from all walks of life, from all backgrounds and beliefs, can come together and find the things they share in common – to support and care for each other, simply because we share this common bond. It's been a work in progress and amid our many successes, we have also suffered many failures. In each failure, we choose to use our "superpower" to continue to focus on the potential – to rise to the challenge and find a new way to meet our goal and truly connect mothers together.

In 2013, we've challenged ourselves and our members to end the Mommy Wars – but we can't do that by choosing sides or ignoring that the war exists.

Instead, let's join together to talk about these issues that divide us as moms. Let's learn to discuss our ways of doing things without fear of judgment. Let's understand that its okay that there are different ways to do the same thing – and that choosing one doesn't make the other choices bad or wrong. It simply makes them right for you, in your situation.

We are challenging ourselves and our members to put ourselves in the shoes of others and really begin to understand the person behind the feelings – understand that our choices do not define us – but our love for our children certainly can unite us.

We can end the Mommy Wars simply by choosing to use our mommy "superpower" and seeing the good in each other – seeing the positive potential in each mom in our network, seeing how her being exactly the way she is benefits you and the others in your community.

If we can strive to see each other the way we see our children – as individuals who are constantly growing and learning as we travel through our lives – and challenge ourselves to care for each other regardless of what comes back – think of the accomplishments we can achieve and the positive impact we can make in our own lives, in the lives of our fellow moms and in the communities where we live.

The Mommies Network is committed to ending The Mommy Wars and providing a safe, secure FREE way for moms to network together, find support and friendship from one another and encourage each other to grow and learn as women, as mothers and as community leaders. Each dollar donated to TMN goes directly into providing improved technical services and new programs for our chapters and their members. 

Would you join us in bringing peace to the Mommy Wars in 2013? Your donation can make a difference and help us reach more mothers across the country.

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