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Monday, April 8, 2013

Giving Back, Do You Teach Your Kids To Give Back? #atozchallenge

G is for Giving Back  

How do you teach your kids to think of others and not themselves all the time? Not an easy task for any parent of children, unless you are a giving person yourself. Children watch every move you make and will mimic your actions. Here are some ways you can incorporate giving back into your family's routine.

Teach them by your example: Donate to charities, volunteer and local food banks, deliver for meals on wheels, Be kind to others, leave coupons on the shelf of other moms to find. Volunteer with your local mommies network chapter to help other moms like you. 

Get them involved in the action: Get them involved in donating their chosen toys they don't need anymore to local charities. They can even go thru clothing to donate. This is an action that will grow with them. 

Choose projects that are accessible: Picking up trash in a local park or along your neighborhood street is something anyone can do. Giving back to someone in need nearby, possibly a nearby shelter needs a meal delivered, or a nearby senior citizen or shutin would enjoy fresh baked cookies you children helped you bake. 

Encourage your children to reach out in kindness: We enjoy leaving the quarter at our local Aldi grocery shopping cart (you have to have a quarter to get a cart), my kids love to watch from afar to see someone get the quarter. 

Write Thank You notes: Gratitude is the first thing to teaching them how to give back

Shop Local and teach them why: supporting your local economy will go far to teach them about money and supporting your neighbors.

Participate in a project yearly that you truly believe in: whether it is a Relay for Life event, a walk for Breast cancer awareness, choose something your family can do yearly that touches your heart. Showing them to give back to others will go far in teaching them how to respect others and good giving back can feel. 

Pay it forward

1 comment :

  1. Great advice. It's a shame that a lot of kids nowadays don't know how to be nice to others. It's all "me me me" and "now now now". I think a lot of grown-ups could learn a lot from this post, not just kids!


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