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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sisterly Love~ Are Girls Harder to Parent?

Do you have girls? Do you think they are harder to raise than boys, I do, I have three children if you don't count that man-child that I married, and my son (19 now) was my first born. He seemed so much easier to parent, breastfeed, co-sleep,teach, potty train, homeschool, everything, even as a teenager he has been not much trouble at all.
Now my daughters are total drama diva's, ages 13 and 9 now they fight and fuss about everything. Every day has to be a production, like we are on a stage performing. Don't get me wrong, they are smart and sassy, well behaved and well mannered if we are out in public, but at home sharing a room together (by their choice now) they just can't seem to get along. They are both totally different learners and have very different likes in life. The parenting skills that I learned with my oldest child just don't work with either one of my girls, they cry, hug, wail, flop on the floor, say please mommy 100 times over, need many band-aids and have that little girl puppy dog look that always makes me give in. I am such a sucker.  Why are girls so much harder to parent than boys?
Do you have any tips for other parents?

The photography below so reminds me of my daughters, they have done several of those things and I had to share it, super cute and funny. When I shared the pictures with my daughters, they had a sparkle in their eyes and I might just find my younger one duct taped to the wall tomorrow, I will post pictures for


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