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Monday, January 28, 2013

Organizing Ideas for that Kid Paper Trail

Children come with an enormous responsibility and an enormous pile of stuff! Over the years you will seem to accumulate tons of "stuff" from important records to scribbles you treasure and can't live without. The records you do need to keep and organizing them will make it so much easier to find them later on, take it from a very disorganized Momma  when your teen wants to go get his/her drivers license, that is when you will discover how important those papers are. Items like immunization records, certified copies of their birth certificates, drivers ed scores and reports, high school transcripts....... insert cry here.......I don't want mine to grow up any more.
What do you do with that pile of papers? Put them in boxes and tuck them away safely in your closet? That is kinda how hoarding starts, with one box, then another, and another. A better way is to make each child a file box like this one shown. I found this idea on Pinterest of course. You can search for many ideas related to "organizing children" or "organizing kids" and find a goldmine of ideas like I did. This particular one is from the blog

The one thing that you will have to do is make some decisions about what you are going to keep and what you are going to throw away, that seems to be the hardest thing for me, throwing away their school work or art work. So I have begun to scan them on my computer in a file to save, making sure to back up that file with my external hard drive ( a must if you have lots of mommy photos or digi scraps etc). An external hard drive can be connected to your household computers/laptops and you can back up or copy all your important files so that in the event of a fire or disaster all you need to do is grab that box and you have saved all your memories if something happens (we hope and pray not) to your computer(s).

I found my "Memory/Kid" Boxes (just clear plastic file boxes) at Walmart or Staples and used my Cricut machine to cut out the shapes of each child's name, used some file inserts and files folders that are labeled such as these below to separate each category by "Baby information" ~ Health Records~ Documents and Certificates ~ Ages ~ Grades ~ Immunizations ~ Portraits ~ Sports~ Church can see now how you might use your own and the categories you might use too. I can think of a couple more organizing boxes to make next, I think I may make one for myself and my husband too.

                                                         Source: via Krista on Pinterest

                                                 Source: via Morgan on Pinterest

Enjoy getting your life in order, take it one day at at time!

TMN Blog Editor

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