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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Embrace those Ta Ta's

Mammogram! Scary word? No ... Live saving tool.... Yes! Breast self exam seem embarrassing and taboo? It is not! It is your body, get to know it and save your life!

Get those mammies grammed! And save your Ta Ta's!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, but we live daily with our breasts, you should be very aware of how they look and feel. Doing a monthly breast self exam will help you do that.

When should I do my breast exam? How? I have so many embarrassing questions.

Here are some answers:


A mammogram is a digital image now of your breasts, the X-ray doctor or radiologist can see clearly images that can help to spot potential areas of concern. It does not hurt, I have had several done, mildly uncomfortable, but necessary. Your doctor will tell you what age you need your first one, depending on you family history. My grandmother and a cousin have had breast cancer so I started having my mammograms early and now have one yearly.

Please educate yourself and your family, men can get breast cancer too. Partner with your spouse or significant other to remind you of monthly exams and yearly mammograms.



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