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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Children and Sharing~ one of the most important teaching moments

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Teaching Children How to Share
Teaching children how to share is of course one of the most important things to teach children. This of course becomes apparent when a child later becomes an adult. Sharing does not come easy for most kids, but luckily with practice and education it can. Sharing can cause a lot of fights between children at a schoolyard, and between siblings. A lot of children simply do not understand the concept. Here are 5 tips on teaching your children how to share.

Start Early
The earlier you start teaching them, the better. Any type of education, whether it be a language, or an art, should be learned young. The same goes with sharing, or any behavioral issues. As soon as the child is aware, and able to understand, it is important to teach him or her the importance and reasoning behind sharing. This will make it much easier when they become older, and you will be way ahead of the game. You could start at even just a few months old.

Children learn from what they see, whether it is good or bad. When you are sharing something with someone, act this out in front of your child. For example, if your neighbor is borrowing a ladder, say to your child "daddy is sharing the ladder with his friend". This can do wonders, as they will surely emulate you, it would also be beneficial if they saw it in action. For example giving the ladder to the neighbor in front of them.

Tough Love
Some kids respond differently to tough love. But when your child refuses to share a toy with another child, take the toy away. Tell the child simply, if they do not want to share, nobody gets to play with the toys. This will make the child realize that they should share, and makes them understand the seriousness of the issue. Of course, never yell at the child or anything. Just be polite and firm, and they will certainly understand the gravity of the situation.


Let your child know that if he does not share with his friends, they may not share with him or her. This will make the child realize how unfair it is to not share something, to put them in their shoes per say. It will also help the child understand that in fact, they will be losing out on something if they do not share.

Make it Fun

Make sharing fun for the children. This will have a positive effect on any situation! You can do this by having your children do puzzles, or even make a drawing together. This forces the child to work together, and even share his or her stuff. A perfect real world example that you can set for them, they will teach themselves with this one.

Realize that teaching a child to share is a tough task, do not get frustrated or angry with the child. The best way for them to learn is to emulate it in front of them. If you set a good example, and are kind and fair, they will learn well. Many make the mistake of being too up front and getting short tempered. This will confuse most children, and they will not learn the lesson. Starting young, setting a good example, and being persistent should help most kids share.

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