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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Can You Raise a Child's Awareness about Social Issues? Sure you can..

A Guide To Raising Children's Awareness About Social Issues
There are many difficulties that come with raising children in today's world. Not only do you want your child to be happy and healthy, but you also want your child to obtain the tools needed to succeed in today's often difficult world. As a parent, you also want to teach your children to care and be concerned about the people they share the planet with and this comes from instilling your children with knowledge about social issues. If you want to raise a well rounded, kind and caring child who wants to help others, here are some ways you can raise your child's awareness in social issues.

1. Volunteer
One of the best ways to raise your child's awareness in social issues is by deciding upon a social cause to volunteer for. Whether it is donating time in a soup kitchen or cleaning the cages at the local humane society, exposing your children to the plights of the less fortunate people and animals in society will give your children a greater awareness of how their actions can affect the lives of others.

2. Don't Shelter Your Child

Although you don't want to constantly subject your children to depressing news stories about war and death, do not shelter your child about news stories that pertain to the rights of women and gay people. Women's and gay rights are two of the hottest social issues today, and it is good to answer any questions your kids may have in an honest and upfront manner.

3. Let Your Child Find A Cause
Tell your child to do some research about a social problem that he or she feels strongly about. Not only will this research open your child's eyes to the issues that pertain to certain people in society, but the stories your child reads may encourage him or her to want to take action to do something about the social injustice he or she has learned about.

4. Preach Tolerance
It is your job as a parent to teach your children that every person is unique and beautiful in their own way, regardless of skin color or sexual preference. Make sure that your child understands that many social issues stem from differences in people so it is important to love everyone the same.

5. Join A Church
If you truly want to raise your child's awareness in social issues, you may want to consider joining a church. Many churches do a variety of things to help the less fortunate in the community, and this will help give your child important exposure to what it takes to help those who need help for one reason or another.

As a parent, you want your child to be healthy and happy, but you also want to help instill your child with a well rounded education that involves awareness about important social issues. Children are the future and by giving children the knowledge they need to go out and help people affected by social issues, you will be raising a truly kind, caring and loving individual.

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