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Sunday, September 23, 2012

100 ideas for your Fall Bucket List

                                                                  Source: via Leslie on Pinterest

What an awesome bucket list, we could rename it 100 ideas for fall play-dates with the kids! I can see some of our TMN chapters doing each and every one of these fun activities! Thank you so much to for an awesome blog and terrific list! Check out this girls blog and stop by and say hello, tell her you saw her list on The Mommies Network blog! Check out some of her other awesome lists posted!
  1. Go on a hike
  2. Bake an apple pie (Simple Bites)
  3. Volunteer together as a family (The Good Long Road)
  4. Bake apple and cheddar quick bread (Everybody Likes Sandwiches)
  5. Make popcorn trees (Happy Hooligans)
  6. Make old-fashioned corn cob dolls (The Magic Onions)
  7. Make haunted houses (Inspiration Surrounds Creativity Abounds)
  8. Play flag football
  9. Make your own Halloween costume (Inner Child Fun)
  10. Make apple oatmeal whole wheat muffins (Train Up a Child)
  11. Make some big leaf prints (Putti's World)
  12. Make a Thanksgiving leaf garland (The Artful Parent)
  13. Go to your local high school football game
  14. Make fall leaf crowns (Chasing Fireflies)
  15. Explore a pumpkin (Creative Connections for Kids)
  16. Make coffee filter fall leaves (Play Dr. Mom)
  17. Make pumpkin spice pancakes (Annie's Eats)
  18. Play with autumnal play dough (The Imagination Tree)
  19. Do some autumn leaf threading (Picklebums)
  20. Laminate leaves and make magnets (Filth Wizardry)
  21. Go on a fall camping trip (Go Explore Nature)
  22. Make leaf people finger puppets (Make and Takes)
  23. Make bird feeders
  24. Go to a pumpkin patch
  25. Make leaf confetti (Play Create Explore)
  26. Make applesauce (Mama Smiles)
  27. Bake a pumpkin pie
  28. Make outdoor fall leaf art (The Chocolate Muffin Tree)
  29. Look for signs of fall (JDaniel4's Mom)
  30. Make a thankful tree
  31. Go on a fall nature walk (PreKinders)
  32. Make candy corn sugar cookies (Kathie Cooks)
  33. Make fall nature suncatchers (The Artful Parent)
  34. Make paper bag pumpkins (Mess for Less)
  35. Make hand print turkeys
  36. Play in pumpkin guts (Childhood Beckons)
  37. Visit a corn maze
  38. Put googly eyes on a pumpkin (Play Dr. Mom)
  39. Make button and ribbon pumpkins (Toddler Approved)
  40. Go indoor apple picking (Inner Child Fun)
  41. Make drip-art pumpkins (The Imagination Tree)
  42. Make paper plate turkeys (Chocolate Muffin Tree)
  43. Visit an apple orchard
  44. Make a "ghostly" pizza
  45. Make owl masks
  46. Make candy apples
  47. Make pine cone bats (Almost Unschoolers)
  48. Play with a fall sensory bucket (A Mom With a Lesson Plan)
  49. Make autumn leaf place mats (Rhythm of the Home)
  50. Play pumpkin bowling (Jeanetics)
  51. Have a family movie night
  52. Make Halloween yarn pumpkins (NurtureStore)
  53. Make pumpkin bread
  54. Play in the leaves (Mama Smiles)
  55. Make Thanksgiving Story Bracelets (Little Wonders' Days)
  56. Make acorn jewelry (5 Orange Potatoes)
  57. Drink apple cider
  58. Make a fall hand print wreath (Mess for Less)
  59. Do apple stamping
  60. Harvest and dry herbs (Kitchen Counter Chronicles)
  61. Carve a pumpkin
  62. Go on a leaf hunt (Teach Preschool)
  63. Paint a pumpkin
  64. Roast pumpkin seeds
  65. Do some chuckin' pumpkin painting (Childhood Beckons)
  66. Paint with acorns (NurtureStore)
  67. Do leaf rubbings
  68. Do science with leaves (Train Up a Child)
  69. Make caramel apple cheesecake cookies (Confessions of a Cookbook Queen)
  70. Make googly-eye spider masks
  71. Go star gazing
  72. Make acorn nature collages (No Time for Flash Cards)
  73. Create an autumn nature table (The Golden Gleam)
  74. Make leaf print cookies (The Artful Parent)
  75. Go on a backyard scavenger hunt
  76. Make acorn cap candles (Paint Cut Paste)
  77. Preserve autumn leaves with beeswax (Crafting a Green World)
  78. Have fun in a fall-leaf maze (Happy Hooligans)
  79. Make a magazine collage tree (Crafts by Amanda)
  80. Eat apple nachos (Lynn's Kitchen Adventures)
  81. Decorate your windows for fall (Growing a Jeweled Rose)
  82. Go on a thankfulness walk (Go Explore Nature)
  83. Make your own fall leaf connect-the-dots (My Kids Make)
  84. Have a Halloween party
  85. Play with cinnamon pumpkin spice play dough (Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas)
  86. Play fall "I Spy" (Spell Outloud)
  87. Start a nature journal (Simple Homemade)
  88. Make autumn mobiles (Red Ted Art)
  89. Paint leaves (Putti's World)
  90. Make a nature shadow box (Teach Preschool)
  91. Make a paint stick scarecrow (Crafts by Amanda)
  92. Go on a playground scavenger hunt (KC Edventures)
  93. Make fall leaf lanterns (Imagine Childhood)
  94. Go on a lantern walk (The Golden Gleam)
  95. Make a paper bag football (No Time for Flash Cards)
  96. Make a list of what you are thankful for
  97. Make some bubbling brew (Se7en)
  98. Make pumpkin mummies (Hands On: As We Grow)
  99. Send Halloween Cards
  100. Make a pine cone weather station (Science Sparks)
 Credit for this awesome list found HERE  Thank you to Terri Thompson 

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