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Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Cost of a Child

Costly Kids
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Even after all that is said, we do find a way to love our kids, don't we? 


  1. Yes, we do find a way to love our kids! I've always seen these numbers as to how expensive it is to raise kids, but I wonder where exactly the numbers are coming from. I do believe that mini-van figure!! Good grief our gas mileage went down once we bought a van. We even broke the Civic back out again this summer. . . but that was b/c we had fun in it. But, the savings in MPG was good, too! I think the # of my friends actually increased once I had kids, b/c the kids gave me a reason to "branch out".
    Heartfelt Balance Handmade Life

  2. Very true Michelle, I am still trying to figure out that gas milage, thank you for your comment and for sharing our post!Leslie


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