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Thursday, August 30, 2012

“Congratulations on your new Baby! Hey, which diaper are you using?"

 A common question with hundreds of opinions.  There are more than 30 different brands of diapers, from store brands to compostable diapers – and that doesn’t even delve into cloth diapers.
For both of my children, I did my research.  Surely there had to be one “best” diaper, right? Wrong.  
There are people that love one brand while others hate it. On website after website, forum and after forum, the consensus always ended up being “trial and error”, and to try our just one of those 30 brands could cost upwards of $30!  After blowouts on the first couple of diapers, do you really want to try another and dirty more clothes?  I didn't. I might as well have given that $30 to my husband to go buy a fancy new tool.

So, how do you find the diaper that not only fits your baby but also your lifestyle?  There are a lot of things to consider:

  • Material – How does the diaper feel? How breathable is it? Some are soft and cloth-like, others feel like a paper bag or feel and sound like plastic.
  • Leak Protection – All diapers claim to have leak protection, but how well? How does the diaper fit around Baby’s waist and legs?  Are you finding yourself changing outfits as often as you change diapers?
  • Cost – Diapers range from $0.12-$0.38 per diaper, depending on quantity, size, etc.  A newborn may go through 140+ diapers in just the first two weeks – worth it for the right diaper, but a huge waste for the wrong ones!
  • Ingredients – Some diapers contain chlorine, perfume, phthalates, lotions, latex, optical brighteners, and/or PVC, while others are compostable, contain renewable materials, or are plastic free.  Some chemicals may cause rashes on Baby’s sensitive skin.
  • Wetness indicator – The wetness indicator is the best way to determine if Baby is eating enough. This feature was SUCH a relief once I finally tried a diaper that had it.  It was important the first few weeks, but not so much after I knew they were getting enough milk.

I could go on and on with features and options each brand boasts, but none of it matters unless it fits.  I know firsthand how hard it can be to find the right diaper for a new baby.  There had to be a better way; Diaper Dabbler was born.  Diaper Dabbler allows anyone to trial a variety of diaper brands for the cost of a single pack of diapers.  We currently offer 12 different brands/types of disposable diapers in a selection of diaper variety packs , such as the Mega Mom,Mommy Mainstream and Mother Earth.

We also have a great free printable diaper brand rating chart on our website that you can use to remember which diapers you liked, which you didn't, and ultimately which to keep buying.  Come say Hi on Facebook , see what we have coming up, or share your diapering misadventures.  We’d love to hear from you!
Beth Dolar
Owner, Diaper Dabbler

Diaper Dabbler –
free printable diaper brand rating chart -


  1. I have been having this little conundrum myself! There are too many diaper brands, it's so hard to find the right one. Especially with cloth diapers, because you really don't get to try them out before buying them!

    1. So true, Kristin! we cloth diaper and you actually CAN try them before you buy them with a diaper trial like at Jillian's Drawers:

      Here's a great thread comparing several trials:

      BUT, I'm sure that if I was not cloth diapering, the info on Diaper Dabbler would be priceless!!!!


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