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Friday, August 31, 2012

Back To School Week ~ School Lunch Blues

                                                      Source: via Michaela on Pinterest

Today, we’re sharing our favorite ideas for school lunches. The following suggestions are simple, playful and will help the kids stay excited about eating their packed lunches.
  1. Enclose a silly message inside the lunch. Your child will chuckle when he or she sees a colorful message label or tag tied around a piece of fruit. These lunchbox tags, stickers and notes are free. 
  2. Surprise your kids by making silly faces using dot stickers or markers on the plastic wrap or Ziploc bags storing their goodies. This idea is adorable and is sure to have them laughing.
  3. Make fun shapes out of lunch food basics such as apples and sandwiches. We like the idea of an umbrella and cloud shaped sandwich on a rainy day. 
  4. Don’t sweat it if your child prefers breakfast food for lunch. This lunch combines mini pancakes, cheese and fruit -- a winning combination. 
  5. Using cookie cutters makes it easy way to create fun-shaped food. A flower-themed lunch is an adorable idea for a little girl. For boys, use different shape (circle, triangle, square) cookie cutters.
  6. Bento boxes are a good choice for keeping the food separated. We found these animal containers the kids will love.
  7. The trend is to use waste-free lunchboxes. Think about getting away from plastic and paper bags and move toward reusable options. This cute cat bag is a good option.
  8. We love stainless steel bottles for the ease of cleaning and knowing what goes in is what comes out (no leaching from nasty plastics).

                                        Source: via Shara on Pinterest
Click here to get a printable/downloadable copy for yourself.


  We love peanut butter sandwiches here. And, they do pack a filling, healthful punch. But, if you find yourself in the peanut butter sandwich rut, here is a list of sandwich alternates to take along to the grocery store. Then, pin our free printable of simple lunch ideas on the fridge for ideas when packing kid's school lunches—or your own. click to print the pdf for your fridge

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Happy Eating and a Healthy Lunch!


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