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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back To School~ Fashions 2012

As usual, it pays to shop around for back to school fashion clothing even before September rolls around, so keep an eye on back to school sales beginning in late August. Later, stay especially watchful for money saving 2012 Labor Day sales at stores such as JCPenney's, H&M, Old Navy, Target, Kohl's, and other large retailers featuring great, last-minute back to school buys and bargains.
Consignment sales and Goodwill are a great way to find cute pieces at great prices if your budget is causing your pocketbook grief, I just like to look for cheaper options so I can buy more. More trendy super cool back to school must-haves for 2012-2013:

• Hot colors - tangerine, hot pink, ultramarine green, rose smoke, titanium
• Chunky bracelets
• Chunky flower rings
• back to school braceletsBrooches - floral or star designs (even your grandma's old costume jewelry is back in style)
• Multi-layered necklaces
• Gossip Girl-inspired flowered headbands 
• Backpacks, prints, checkered or multi-colored
• Neon sneakers
• Ballet flats in shiny colors or leopard prints
• Chunky platform shoes
• Knit beanie hats (they're not just for guys anymore)
Jackets are back! jeans, blazers, sweaters, hoodies all kinds, find some in dad's closet
Jeans are still the hottest back to school fashion among the young. That goes for kids, teens, and college students who adore the versatility and rugged wear that jeans and denim provide.
The best thing about jeans? They range from dressy to shabby chic, designer to western style. No matter if it's a school social, a day trip or school outing - or even a formal assembly - there's a pair of jeans that will fit the occasion.
The best of the season's complex detailing features rip n' repair, hand sanding, grinding, stapling, luxurious rhinestone and stud embellishments, tints, patches and more.
Jeans have become acceptable for most occasions and transitions an outfit perfectly from casual to dressy. A great fitting pair of jeans looks just as fabulous with a classic t-shirt and well-fitted blazer as it does with a printed or embellished top and great boots or shoes. It's this versatility that allows jeans and denim to fit every mood, style and occasion.

How to buy jeans and denim
• The most important question to ask is: how do they feel? If your jeans bunch, sag in the wrong places, or generally don't provide the 'comfort factor', keep shopping!
Also consider body type when it comes to selecting jeans. That means selecting the right type to flatter your figure. Skinny jeans will make your legs appear longer; tapered jeans make thighs look larger: baggy jeans may be comfortable, but they will make your overall silhouette look that much bigger.
• Although everyone loves a bargain, the experts advise that you often get what you pay for so spending a little more now will save you having to spend again. Imported denim or jean material is often more expensive, but usually last longer and keep a crease better.
• Buying online? It's so much more convenient nowadays, and the colors, styles and variety - from casual to dressy - make it so easy to round out any wardrobe. Just be sure to take your measurements exactly before you purchase, and check that the store has a good, solid customer service policy in case you need to return them.

                                                                Source: via Melissa on Pinterest
Here are some really cute photo's of some back to school fashions I found on Pinterest, so many ideas! so little time to pin. Search for #backtoschool inspiration #kidsfashions #kids on Pinterest to find more ideas.

photo credit via Pinterest 

 photo credit reverie the blog @skye hardwick via Pinterest

photo credit via Pinterest 

1 comment :

  1. Its good to see that back to school fashion for 2012. I think that those kids really like to wear those amazing looking jeans. I know that it really makes them comfortable especially on going to school, same as my kids loving wearing designer jeans.


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