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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday Tips

                                                                     Source: via Leslie on Pinterest

This Awesome list was put together by 

1.) Mason Jar as a Blender Jar - If your blender canister breaks, you can easily replace it with a mason jar by screwing it onto the blade and save money by not having to replace the entire blender. Plus, it's perfect for making salad dressings, marinades, and spreads all in one container with no transfer later. Just be careful. Avoid using hot liquids and don't fill the jar more than halfway. (Via Real Simple.)

2.) Pegboard Organization - Move the pegboard out of the garage and bring into the home office. If you're like me you're always lacking desk space and finding things in drawers can be daunting and time consuming. Bring everything you need into view by creating a pegboard organizational space above your desk. (Via Heart of Wisdom.)

3.) Freezer Meals - With a busy lifestyle finding time to cook can be scarce. Not to mention buying frozen dinners can be expensive. Use your free time to create meals for the entire week and freeze them for lunches and quick solo dinners later. This handy article contains tips on freezing basics, foods that don't freeze well, freezing containers, the effects of freezing on spices, and even some recipes for foods that do freeze well like stuffed shells, bourbon chicken, and lemon cupcakes. (Via Or So She Says.)

4.) Cord Organization Tips - Use metal clips to organize your cords for your gadgets and chargers on the side of a desk or table so you aren't hunting down a cord every time you need to plug in your laptop or ipod. You can also use bread tags as cord labels by writing the cord type on the tag and clipping it to the cord. (Via Be Different Act Normal.)

5.) Makeup Brush Storage - Make makeup brushes easy to find and keep them dry by storing them in upright in containers filled with clear plastic beads. (Via Liz Marie Blog.)

6.) Re-use Pour Spouts - Re-use spouts from salt canisters on mason jars by cutting the lid with spout from your salt container, measuring to fit your canning jar ring and attaching to your mason jar. Fill the mason jars with anything you use often like sugar or non-dairy creamer. (Via Thrifty Fun.)

7.) Water Dispenser - Use a dust pan to fill up buckets in sink areas where buckets won't fit in the sink. (Via Pinterest.)

8.) Car Trash Receptacle - Use a cereal storage container as a trash bin for your car. The lid keeps trash in while you're driving. (Via Better Homes & Gardens.)

What are some of your favorite tips for making household chores and organizing easier?

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