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Friday, February 3, 2012

My Eeyore Experience

I have been thinking of going back to graduate school for years. School was always really enjoyable for me, even though I was not the most diligent student, and taking some classes at the graduate level is really appealing at this point in my life. Now that we are in Charlotte and settled here for the foreseeable future, it's the perfect time. Back in September, I got my application all together and applied to the Masters in Liberal Sciences program at UNC Charlotte. I was accepted and am all ready to start!

As a SAHM, I naturally have to find something for my children to do while I am away expanding my mind. After calls to all my regular girls and asking around, I was lucky to find someone who was a full-time nanny for a friend but now has time available right when I need it. Perfect! She came over and met the kids, and I am all set.

I ordered my book for my class (I'm only taking one—don’t want too much pressure my first semester back in a decade) and when it came in the mail, I was a bit surprised by its weight. Books for graduate school are quite big, I soon learned. And in-depth. This is much more reading than I have done in a while. But I got my first assignment and delved in. I certainly want to be prepared for my first day!

After nearly falling asleep several times, I managed to make it through all 73 pages to prepare myself for the first day. Upon reviewing it with a friend, I explained the pages were completely full of words, two columns worth, and were very dense. The sight of a chart was exciting, as it meant less to read.

So here I am, the week that class starts. I am more excited than I have been in quite some time. My homework is done, I have a new computer, and my kids are taken care of. Until I get a text message from the sitter that I arranged, that is.

First of all, it is completely inappropriate to quit a job via text message. Second, regardless of what kind of emergency has come up, a person should always live up to commitments made. Third, I am incredibly upset. My anger subsides and turns into complete deflation. (Here is where Eeyore comes in.)

In Chapter 6 of Winnie-the-Pooh, it is Eeyore’s birthday. Pooh is going to give him a pot of honey. However, Pooh eats all the honey, as he often does. Piglet is going to give Eeyore a red balloon, but while running to see Eeyore, Piglet pops the balloon.

So here I am, with an empty pot of honey and a busted red balloon. All dressed up with no place to go. A dog that doesn't hunt.

But, in this story, Eeyore is quite pleased when Pooh shows up with the empty pot of honey. It is because his popped balloon fits perfectly inside of it.

Sometimes, things fall apart so that others may fall into place.

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