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Friday, October 28, 2011

Two More Deserving Mommies

Two more nominees for the dishwasher giveaway...

I am a single mom of two beautiful babies. It seems that lately nothing can go right in my life. I am unemployed and have been searching for work since september of 2010 with no job offers. I am living with my mother and our dishwasher is about 11 years old and about to go out. My car was broken for two years and recently my mother repaired it (for more than i would like to admit) as my christmas present.

This mommy has been helping out at a local pregnancy center and buying things for needy families (she will spend her last dime to help someone that needs something), and she helps out at her daughters preschool with fundraisers and other activities.

She and her husband are trying to save their home. They both lost their jobs in racing and the company she worked for dropped her insurance just before her first daughter was born. Like a lot of people they live day to day.

Now, a little about her home. They built their home, but they were never home when they were building because of traveling the Nascar circuit. The builders took every shortcut they could and used the cheapest things they could put in the house. They already had to have the heating and cooling system replaced, bathtub fixtures replaced (they could not get the water to turn off), had to replace the garbage disposal, and now the dishwasher. Since day one it has not cleaned or dried the dishes and it makes loud noises. They have had parts replaced on it twice.

She cooks a lot for her neighbors who are getting older, the wife is diabetic and has a hard time getting around. She makes them meals and spends time with them as much as possible. Now the neighbor's husband is going in for surgery the end of the month so she will be cooking every meal for them during his recovery. She goes through a lot of dishes and pots and pans and all that good stuff. As the holidays and cold weather near, there will be even more cooking for families that do not have hot meals. Last year she would drive around and take meals and coffee to people she saw on the street.

So has you can see she really needs a brand new dishwasher to help her help others.

More about this giveaway...
Who is eligible?
Any member of CentralPiedmontMommies, CharlotteMommies, LakeNormanMommies, UnionCountyMommies, or YorkCountyMommies who has a minimum of 25 posts on and has been a member of their chapter for at least 30 days (must have joined prior to Sept. 14, 2011) may be nominated.

How do I nominate a member?

Please email the following information to
1) The member's name
2) The member's username
3) A short story about the member and why you believe they deserve a new dishwasher
Please note that the nominee's personal information (name and username) will be protected and not released to the public or the chapter membership. This information is for reference and internal tracking purposes only.
The last day to nominate a member is Oct. 28 at midnight.

How is a winner chosen?

The members will decide! The Mommies Network will publish the stories as they are received on the chapter and national blogs. On Oct. 31, the stories will be published in a post in the Mommy Forum on each chapter, along with a poll. Members will have until Nov. 14 to vote for which story they believe is most deserving.

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