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Monday, October 17, 2011

Our First Nominee!

Plaza Appliance Mart is giving away a Frigidaire Professional 24-inch Built-In Dishwasher to a deserving member of The Mommies Network in the Charlotte area! 

Here is our first nominee for this coveted prize!
She was a single mom of three kids for quite some time. She worked hard at her job, volunteered for our site's management and helped with the site, and all the while was an amazing mom. Her kids were happy and led full lives which included school and sports. She is even a part of her children's PTA.

Like most single moms, she had to overcome a lot with her ex, all the while tending to her children's medical needs (as they each have several).

She is now married and has one more beautiful child (so four total). Her youngest child is less than a year old and adorable. He has therapy a few times a week adding to what would normally stress most parents out.

The economy has taken it's toll on them, like so many of us. She is trying to start her own business, and her husband works two jobs right now while she is doing this to both support her and her family.

This woman is the essence of what every mother should be. She is so involved in her children's lives. She is a part of the PTA and still finds time to help other moms on our site. She is no stranger to struggle. But she has never let it get the best of her. I know this new dishwasher would bless her family of six greatly. I know they need one. And I can't think of a better candidate for it.
Who is eligible?
Any member of CentralPiedmontMommies, CharlotteMommies, LakeNormanMommies, UnionCountyMommies, or YorkCountyMommies who has a minimum of 25 posts on and has been a member of their chapter for at least 30 days (must have joined prior to Sept. 14, 2011) may be nominated.

How do I nominate a member?

Please email the following information to
1) The member's name
2) The member's username
3) A short story about the member and why you believe they deserve a new dishwasher
Please note that the nominee's personal information (name and username) will be protected and not released to the public or the chapter membership. This information is for reference and internal tracking purposes only.
The last day to nominate a member is Oct. 28 at midnight.

How is a winner chosen?

The members will decide! The Mommies Network will publish the stories as they are received on the chapter and national blogs. On Oct. 31, the stories will be published in a post in the Mommy Forum on each chapter, along with a poll. Members will have until Nov. 14 to vote for which story they believe is most deserving.

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