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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our Final Nominees and a Bit About Voting

Here are the final two nominations for our Plaza Appliance Mart Dishwasher Giveaway. 

This mommy has two young kids. She spends her days with the kids while her husband works, but she also takes on side jobs to get the bills paid each month. She is always willing to help other mommies (and daddies) by watching their kids, taking family photos, or even dog-sitting for them. Their dishwasher has been broken for more than three months now! It was already getting up there — maybe 10 years old. Although she's been babysitting some, every time she makes some extra money, something else comes up that they need to use the money for. Another thing that stinks about it being broken is that she doesn't want to cook with raw meat because she doesn't have a dishwasher to put the contaminated dishes into afterward. They are a hardworking family, living paycheck to paycheck, and they just need a new dishwasher.
This member is a mother to five children. She is a full-time graduate student, and she volunteers as a manager for her local chapter and within her church. They are currently trying to buy their rental house. The dishwasher in the house is old, does not wash well, and has a broken bottom arm. Their family runs two loads of dishes a day (and one of the kids has the chore at least one of those times). If the dishes aren't prewashed well, they come out with the food stuck on and even harder to get off. A new dishwasher would ease the battles of the chore with the child, lessen the dishwashing load for the family, and make another child's job of setting the table (with clean dishes) easier. If for some reason the home purchase falls through (they'll know before voting ends), this nomination is withdrawn.
Please stay tuned to your Mommy Forum for information about how to vote for the story that has most moved your heart. Voting will run Monday, Oct. 31 through Monday, Nov. 14. Thank you to Plaza Appliance Mart for making this giveaway possible!

More about this giveaway...
Who is eligible?
Any member of CentralPiedmontMommies, CharlotteMommies, LakeNormanMommies, UnionCountyMommies, or YorkCountyMommies who has a minimum of 25 posts on and has been a member of their chapter for at least 30 days (must have joined prior to Sept. 14, 2011) may be nominated.

How do I nominate a member?

Please email the following information to
1) The member's name
2) The member's username
3) A short story about the member and why you believe they deserve a new dishwasher
Please note that the nominee's personal information (name and username) will be protected and not released to the public or the chapter membership. This information is for reference and internal tracking purposes only.
The last day to nominate a member is Oct. 28 at midnight.

How is a winner chosen?

The members will decide! The Mommies Network will publish the stories as they are received on the chapter and national blogs. On Oct. 31, the stories will be published in a post in the Mommy Forum on each chapter, along with a poll. Members will have until Nov. 14 to vote for which story they believe is most deserving.

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