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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Family Fun To Do List

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year!

You'd think, growing up in the Northeast, I would cling to Summer for dear life, but I'm usually happy to see it go. I suppose living in North Carolina for five years soured me - I'm so not a 100 degree girl! Dealing with it day, after day, after day got extremely old, extremely quickly. I pretty much did my hibernating in the summer, only venturing outdoors when the temps dipped into the 70's. I've always loved the beauty of the season - but my Charlotte experience made me all but obsessed.

I love that having kids gives me an excuse to do all the ridiculously fun fall things I want to do without looking like a crazy woman. Time flies with little ones, though - so I often find myself at Thanksgiving without completing everything I wanted to do. Not this year! I made a list to help us keep track, and I'm sharing mine with you!

2011 Fall Family Fun To Do List!

1. Pack some fall foods and have a fall picnic in a woodsy setting (park? back yard?)
2. Take a Nature Walk
3. Fall/Nature scavenger hunt in the yard with Luke (draw little pictures for his checklist so he can follow it himself)
4. Leaf collecting & rubbings
5. Make a Halloween paper chain countdown
6. Have a backyard campfire meal (spider dogs, smores, etc)
7. Check out Fall kids books from the library
8. Write names (or maybe initials) out of leaves & take pictures
9. Take a fall trip to the Farmer's Market
10. Make Ghost pancakes
11. Watch Halloweentown (if Disney shows it this year!)
12. Have a leafy photo session in the yard with the boys
13. Make pumpkin cupcakes
14. Crochet something
15. Buy more pumpkins
16. Make hand turkeys
17. Make a Thanksgiving paper chain countdown
18. Eat chowder
19. Carve pumpkins (maybe paint some, too!)
20. Go to BuffaloMommies' Trunk or Treat
21. Make a Halloween banner with Luke
22. Go trick or treating!

Things we've already completed:

23. Apple Picking
24. Hay Ride
25. Picked a pumpkin from a pumpkin patch
26. Visited the farm
27. Had apple cider
28. Decorated the house for fall
29. Matt brewed a pumpkin ale
30. Made apple crisp, applesauce, apple butter and apple pancakes

What else do you plan to do this fall?

Post submitted by Jenn, National Blog Manager for The Mommies Network and quirky stay-at-home-mom who blogs at The Rych Life. Originally submitted to The Rych Life blog on October 12, 2011.

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