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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Even More Deserving Mommies!

Don't forget, Oct. 28 at midnight is the deadline for nominating members for the Plaza Appliance Mart Dishwasher Giveaway!

Here are some of our nominees...

This mommy is a full-time mom with no dishwasher. she babysits three days a week and is always doing something with her kids as well as mine. She is so focused on kids — any that she is around. She is the wonderful, fun, great mother I wish I would have been when my son was younger. She is so loving and kind. She is a true inspiration to everyone she associates with. She is so very deserving of a dishwasher because that would just give her more time to spend with her kids. Please consider her for your dishwasher. It would mean so much to her.

This member is a mommy is a devoted mom of two kids and 24 feathered/furbabies. She has dishes piled up, and the dishwasher only works sometimes. She has little to no time to wash dishes by hand.

    This mommy's dishwasher doesn't work! She is a devoted mom of three, one of which is a newborn. She was depending on Santa for a new dishwasher, but Santa's sleigh may not be big enough.

    This mommy's house was struck by lightning in Mayish, and her dishwasher (not to mention all of the other electronic appliances in the house) hasn't worked since.

      This single mommy of two and grandmother of one has never  had a dishwasher. She is a hard-working lady who deserves a little pampering from time to time.

        This mommy's dishwasher is on its last legs. It sounds like it's going to stop any minute and it has never cleaned very well.

          Thank you for this amazing offer for a new dishwasher. This is exactly what my husband, myself, and our four children need. We moved into our new home in November 2005. At the time, my husband was a mortgage loan officer who still has his license but is now working as a freight broker due to the drastic decline in the mortgage industry. I was a stay at home mom to our three oldest children and loved spending time with them.

          Once the mortgage industry went to complete rock-bottom I was forced to return to work and to place our child into childcare. My current position is approx a 45-minute to 1-hour commute from our home in Lake Wylie, South Carolina to North Charlotte.

          In September 2008, I became pregnant with our fourth child. Our pregnancy went perfect except for a few questions regarding the Down Syndrome markers on the testing I elected to have done. I declined this with all of my previous children but felt it was necessary with this pregnancy due to my age. After two series of bloodwork, both confirmed high numbers, indicating possible Down Syndrome. So we were sent for an amniocentesis. I received the call about two weeks later stating everything came back normal with 46 chromosomes, and we would be having our third daughter.

          Over the months, I continued to gain weight at a rapid speed, and the doctors thought I would be having another large baby girl since both of my other girl pregnancies were born on the larger size. So an induction date was set for June 14, 2009 to avoid a 10-plus-pound baby. Our daughter entered the world at 10:25 p.m. weighing 6 pounds, 9 ounces and measuring 18 inches, far from what the doctors or we expected.

          After various tests were run, we found out she was born with a rare birth defect: tracheoesophageal fistula and esophageal atresia. She was born with the most common type: C. The top part of her esophagus, which forms around 4 weeks gestation, ended in a blind spot, and the lower portion connected to her trachea. This caused her to not have the ability to swallow amniotic fluid prior to birth, which is the main source of nutrition for a growing fetus. Her esophagus was repaired at 3 days old, but while repairing the birth defect, nerves were damaged, which causes very limited to no mobility in her esophagus, along with her entire digestive system.
          She is now 95 percent tube-fed and 5 percent mouth-fed with Stage 1 baby food. She isn’t allowed to attend childcare or to be around school age children to avoid any infections, which will easily land her in the hospital with pneumonia or other respiratory issues. She also has an extra chromosome, which causes her to be very small. She is the weight of an 8 month old and the height of a 13 month old at 28.5 months. She also has hypotonic muscles, causing her to be weak. She didn’t crawl until around 1 year and didn’t walk until around 21-plus months. She has AFOs (foot/leg braces) to help support her ankles. We are blessed beyond words to have been chosen by God to be her parents, but our family has truly since her birth, had outrageous medical bills and medical equipment expenses.

          We would love to have the opportunity to possibly win the new dishwasher. We have needed a new one for the past few years for various reasons:
              1.    For the safety and sanity of our child's feeding/medical supplies.
              2.    We have well water (and a water softener that doesn’t help), which causes hard-water buildup in our dishwasher.
              3.    The top rack is bent.
              4.    The dishes appear dirty even after being run on the heavy-soiled cycle. So after equipment and supplies are run through the dishwasher, we also have to boil them in hot water on the stove.

          This mommy deserves a new dishwasher because she is still using the same dishwasher from six years ago, when her home was built. She is a stay-at-home mom to her three children and is part of a family of five, so you can imagine all the dishes her family can go through in a day. On average, she does two full loads of dishes daily, if not more. Another reason this mommy could use a new dishwasher is because she has to wash the dishes more than one cycle due to residue being left behind, leaving her more loads until the dishes are actually clean. A new dishwasher would save her not only money, but time, which we all know is very valuable. So please consider helping this mommy spend less on water, electricity, and chores, which will give her more time with her family.

          The reason why I would love to win this is because I, like all Mommies seem to run ragged. We had never had a dishwasher throughout college and our first year of marriage. On our first anniversary, my husband bought me one. It lasted about three years before it bit the dust. We have been without a dishwasher for the last two years. As a mom who works full-time, volunteers in the community and at church, and helps out on the farm, daily dishes sometimes take a backseat. I feel that I spend all my extra time in the kitchen cleaning instead of playing with my son. I know that a dishwasher doesn’t solve everything, but it would create some time in my schedule and help our kitchen stay cleaner!

          This mommy is a devoted stay-at-home mom to two wonderful children. She is having to have knee surgery and has been on a waiting pattern because the donor cartridge keeps coming back as testing positive for something. She and her family are very deserving of this for many reasons. Despite her knees constantly hurting, she still participates in events and is an active member of our chapter, keeping our boards humming with new topics.

            More about this giveaway...
            Who is eligible?
            Any member of CentralPiedmontMommies, CharlotteMommies, LakeNormanMommies, UnionCountyMommies, or YorkCountyMommies who has a minimum of 25 posts on and has been a member of their chapter for at least 30 days (must have joined prior to Sept. 14, 2011) may be nominated.

            How do I nominate a member?

            Please email the following information to
            1) The member's name
            2) The member's username
            3) A short story about the member and why you believe they deserve a new dishwasher
            Please note that the nominee's personal information (name and username) will be protected and not released to the public or the chapter membership. This information is for reference and internal tracking purposes only.
            The last day to nominate a member is Oct. 28 at midnight.

            How is a winner chosen?

            The members will decide! The Mommies Network will publish the stories as they are received on the chapter and national blogs. On Oct. 31, the stories will be published in a post in the Mommy Forum on each chapter, along with a poll. Members will have until Nov. 14 to vote for which story they believe is most deserving.

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