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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Craft: Homemade Ghost

Halloween is my favorite time of the year. I enjoy the start of fall. I love seeing all the decorations going up. The kids are always excited to pick their costumes and get bags of candy. Now that I have my own house, I have been wanting to decorate inside and outside. But with my budget, I have to be a little creative. So I decided to make my own ghost. It was very simple and really quick. 


White garbage bag White wire hangerPair of socks Scissors Tape Clear string ( I used Stretch Magic jewelry string ) Permanent marker


 1. First, take your garbage bag, and lay your hanger up in the corner to make sure it is the same width.

2. Second, cut the yellow drawstring side off if you have it on your garbage bag, and cut the opposite side off, as well.

3. Third, ball up your pair of socks, and stick them on the top of your hanger.

4. Next, lay the garbage bag over the hanger. Make sure to line up the edges of the garbage bag with the hanger. Then take the clear string, and tie a knot at the bottom of your sock ball. This will form the face of the ghost.

5. With the permanent marker, draw a face on the ghost. Then cut a small hole at the top of the head, and insert the clear string though the hole. I placed tape around the hole just to make it stronger and so it (hopefully) won't tear when hung outside.

6. Last, find the perfect spot to hang your ghost. I picked our front porch and used the flower basket hook to hang him on. In total, I spent zero dollars on this project. I was able to use items that were already in my house. 

Hope you all have a spooky good time this Halloween!

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Originally submitted to CentralPiedmontMommies Blog on October 7, 2011

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