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The Mommies Network is a 501c(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping moms find support and friendship in their local community. We were founded April, 2002 and currently have 119 communities in 33 states, with over 30,000 active members nationwide.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our Moms Making a Difference

Moms across the country rave about the way their chapter of The Mommies Networked has enhanced their quality of life. But the truth is, we are much more than a discussion forum and a catalyst to find events with fellow mommies! Friendships and support are what we pride ourselves on, but we also try to extend that into our communities.

The Mommies Network strives to help out our neighbors as much as ourselves through organized fundraisers and other charity events - specifically those focused on providing for parents and their children. Once our communities are a year old, they organize at least two charitable events or drives each year, focused on helping moms, dads and/or kids.

Here are some excellent examples of the ways our Mommies have made a difference recently! raised $140 at a DiningOut event…and they only had budgeted $90! was affected by a devastating tornado in late April. The members have been doing a lot of outreach in the local community to help families get back on their feet during the month of May. went to a local senior center and decorated cookies with the seniors. This was a fun event! planted flowers during their Spring Fling event to beautify the special little park where they held their festivities. All of their kids did the planting, and it looked really cute when they were through. All in all a great start to their service oriented work. donated 200 + books to local children's organizations. They split 100 books for each of the two donation drop off sites. They tagged each book with a BMM sticker on the inside cover. The books ranged from children books on various levels to books for parents. All of the books donated were in good condition and provided by our BMM Community. collected items needed for the local Children's Justice Center at their Site Birthday party. The center helps out in child abuse cases by providing a safe place for kids to be interviewed. asked members to bring packs of diapers and gently used or new books to donate to two local charities. The items were collected at their Easter Egg Hunt event at Magnolia Park in SW Portland. 8 packages of diapers were donated to; 2 bags of books were donated to held a mommies only event at the Utah Food Bank. They stacked 16 pallets of food and sorted a full tote of food! They were told that they were amazingly fast workers! had several moms walk in the March of Dimes walk for Clermont County Ohio and raised $455 for the cause. They also had 4 moms walk for the Autism Speaks Walk at Coney Island in Cincinnati, OH and earned $835 for the charity. collected clothing, toys and baby gear at their huge 5th birthday bash. This charity supplies needed items to foster families/children in their area. They had a great turnout at the event, and many people brought donations for the charity, or some dropped them off with the misc. managers beforehand if they couldn't come. They held a raffle for prizes, and extra tickets were awarded for those who contributed. had their first Community Outreach Event that involved building a children's garden. They originally had about 12 families who had RSVP'd, but huge storms swept through the area and they had to reschedule it. The next weekend they only had 4 moms and their kiddos who were able to attend. However it was still a success to them, and they all had fun doing it! had a Pajama and Book drive for a local children's program that serves abused and neglected children

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