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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mom Blogger Spotlight: Rachel, UpperBottom

Hi! I’m Rachel! Twenty seven year old wife to Charlie and co-creator of our son, Benjamin. I’m new here, dropping in from my personal blog, UpperBottom, to share with you an anecdote from my experience as a working mother of a thirteen month old. Can I get a round of applause?

(All the stay at home moms just rolled their eyes.They eat people like me for breakfast.)

Anyway, JUST ONCE if my child could cry out for me at daycare, or in general, that’d be great. No really, that’s not too much to ask. Not when I spent nine months of my life eating donuts and chicken wings- which went straight to my face, mind you- because I thought that’s what he needed. Biology knows, I thought. I wouldn’t be craving these things if the baby didn’t need them.

I was a moron.

See, Benjamin’s going through this phase when I pick him up from daycare. And it may not even be a phase but I’mma just keep calling it that so I won’t start crying and also, so I won’t start crying. But what used to be my favorite hug of the day, that precious face elated to see me, that squeal of delight because Mom’s here!, has turned to a wrestling match to keep him in my arms while he reaches back for his friends, for his classroom, for his teachers. Imagine you’re cuddling an octopus. It’s like that.

And the screaming. And the tears.

Real tears, people. The I’m dyyying tears. Not just the fake kind like when he protests a face wash. Oh yeah, my “easy baby who never cries, I’m serious” has turned into a drama toddler. Laugh it up.

Here’s the thing. I have no clue where this behavior comes from because the kid doesn’t talk yet. Is it because his teachers know more nursery rhymes than I do? Is it because he has free range at school, whereas at home we have boundaries like no stairs, no bathrooms, no iPhones? It can’t be because I’m not cool. I mean, I give him brownies. I let him watch HBO. I do a mean robot. SO WHY?

(I lied, I do know. It’s those other children. Our baby is a socialite. OH EM GEE.)

But it’s giving me a complex.

I guess it doesn’t matter because I’ve outsmarted him anyway… figured out a little trick to sidestep the meltdowns. See, there’s this bear dressed as a lamb that the Easter bunny brought Benjamin. And he loooves this lamb bear. See where I’m going with this? I bring lamb bear in to his classroom when I pick him up and he’s all LAMB BEAR! YAY! And totally distracted from his wretched mother taking him home.

Win for me! Or not.

Rachel Rankin resides in Cary, NC with her husband, Charlie, toddler, Benjamin, and two indoor herding dogs (oh, the joy). She authors, a humor blog about pregnancy, motherhood, marriage, “why me?” life experiences, and pop culture. Also, she loves carbohydrates and Twilight.

1 comment :

  1. I can relate to this. I would love to see a few tears shed for me when I leave my gang. I've even offered small cash prizes! ;) But no. I have to beg them to talk to me when I call to check in! They just can't be bothered. Maybe they're too busy doing all of the things I told them not to while I was gone.


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