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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Juice in the City

Juice in the City is honored and thrilled to partner with The Mommies Network. Our missions to empower, support and encourage moms at the most local levels are so in-line with one another that it made sense to form a bond we hope will last for generations to come!

Our inspiration for Juice in the City was, quite simply, what our mission still states: Save Local. We honestly did not get into this business just to “sell deals” even though we do love saving moms money! We got into it for two main reasons. One, we wanted to build a community-like sales force of moms who could have meaningful, fun careers that empower both themselves and their communities, while working flexibly and from home. These women are our Local Business Consultants or LBCs. Two, we wanted to support and give back to local businesses.

When you buy in your community, the money stays in your community, where it should stay. Our sales moms are reminding other moms of that fact every day. When you buy a deal from JITC you should feel good about that purchase three reasons:
1. You’ve just added to a local mom’s income.
2. You’ve just patronized a great local business, and thus helped to support local vendors everywhere.
3. You’ve just discovered or rediscovered a great activity that has been personally vetted by another local mom in your community.

We are exceptionally proud of the 150+ strong local mom work force across the country; we’re proud of the way we empower local moms, and the feedback we get from them is hugely rewarding. We also knew instinctively that the best, most thoroughly vetted deals for our audience and customer base (local moms and local vendors), would be found by local moms. All of our deals have been personally experienced and recommended by the mom who sources the deal, and that makes us confident that we are offering the best product possible. What company doesn’t want to use their exact target audience as their sales force? It’s just a perfect match, and undoubtedly why we are able to source the best truly local deals in the business.

We recently celebrated our first birthday -- the day after Mother’s Day -- and by next Mother’s Day, we plan to have over 100 markets live and our sales force of amazing moms should be well over 1,000. Juice in the City is the trusted matchmaker between local moms and local vendors, but we want to do more than just match make – we’d like to continue to foster the mom-vendor relationship after an initial deal is done, and we’re working on that pretty intently.

Our passion for what we’re doing in our local communities is what drives us. And our passion is fueled by moms like you. Our LBCs are heroes in the communities where they live, work and play because businesses understand what their mission is all about. Whether it’s as an LBC or a lover of local deals, we want you to join our team or sign up to receive your daily deal email and help support and Save Local!

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  1. Love it! It's all about awesome moms and supporting local! =)


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