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Friday, June 10, 2011

Frugal Fun for Father's Day

Father's Day is quickly approaching, so we have been thinking about how to celebrate the Dad in our house this year. He is a truly wonderful father and does so much for our family. My son is one lucky kid to have such a wonderful role model in his life. We want to show Dad that he is loved and cherished without putting a hole in our budget though. Here are some ideas from years past along with some new ideas for this year.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Minor league games are in full swing this time of year. If the Dad in your life is a sports fan, check the schedule of the local minor league teams in your area and arrange a day at the ball park. Tickets to minor league games are generally less than $10 and the games offer tons of family fun while giving dear old Dad a day at the ball park. Save money by bringing in a picnic (check to make sure it is allowed in your ball park) or by eating before the game. Find out the game schedule in your area by checking out

Breakfast in Bed
Find out what Dad's favorite foods are and whip up something special for him. My husband's favorites happen to be country ham, bacon, sausage, eggs and pancakes. Can you say Oink? He would request we leave off any and all fruit, please. And be sure to include a glass of thick, creamy chocolate milk. Yes, its a heart attack waiting to happen, but its one day. If you have a fancy serving tray, put his breakfast on the tray and bring it to him in bed, along with the newspaper, a magazine or his favorite book.

King for a Day
Make the Dad in your house King for a Day with his own unique one-of-a-kind crown. My son and I made this craft for his Dad two years ago, when the little one was just two years old. I did the cutting and he had a blast putting on the aluminum foil and decorating the crown with stickers. My husband keeps this treasured item on his dresser still. If you serve Dad breakfast in bed, present him with the crown at breakfast. I bet he will love it.

Here are the supplies you will need:
thick paper - cardstock, posterboard or cardboard
scotch tape
aluminum foil
markers or crayons
one of Dad's hats
measuring tape

Step One
Take the measuring tape and measure the inside of Dad's hat. This measurement will be the inseam for Dad's new crown. If the Dad in your house does not have a hat, you will need to covertly measure his head, above his ears. Good luck with that!

Step Two
Tape together enough sheets of paper so that it is the length you will need it to be based on the inseam of Dad's hat (or his head circumference if you measured his head).

Step Three
Cut out points in the paper so that it looks like a crown.

Step Four
Cover the paper with aluminum foil. Be sure to cover the inside and outside of the crown completely.

Step Five
Decorate the crown with the stickers, markers and crayons that you have. We used an additional piece of construction paper and wrote "KING" on it, then taped it to the crown as well.

Step Six
Tape one end of the paper to the other end so that it forms a circle. Your crown is finished. Great Job!

Make Dad a Coupon Book
The best thing about a coupon book? Its simple to make, costs nothing and is tailor made for the Dad in your life. No matter the age of your little ones, they can make Dad a coupon book. You may need to help the smaller kids, but tweens and teens can handle this activity themselves. Sit down with the kids and brainstorm things that the Dad in your family would like. Write them all down on a sheet of paper. No need to write a novel - five or six things is fine. Once you have a list, the older kids can be as creative as they want in making the booklet. For the younger kids, mom will need to help construct the booklet, but the younger ones can help with the decorating. Stickers, stamps, hand prints, and finger painting are excellent ways to get the little ones involved in this gift idea.

Here are some ideas to get you started:
Let Dad pick the movie or game for family fun night.
Do one of Dad's chores without complaint.
Give Dad an hour to himself to do with as he pleases, no intteruptions.
Join Dad in one of his favorite activities.
Bake Dad a batch of his favorite cookies.
Pack a picnic lunch for Dad with all his favorite foods.
Burn a CD of Dad's favorite music.
Wash Dad's car for him. Inside and out.

The Dad in our house will also get to sleep late, pick the menu for supper that night and get lots of cuddles throughout the day. My son will make him a card, I will cook him the breakfast mentioned above, and Dad will wear his crown. My son and I are also making him a trophy, using the instructions HERE, HERE, and HERE for inspiration.

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