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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mom Blogger Spotlight: Susie B. Homemaker

How Do You Balance Blogging and Motherhood?

If you're a mommy, you already have a full-time job- taking care of your children. You probably also cook and clean, and you may or may not work outside of the home as well. But if you're also a blogger, whether it's for love or money- you have another obligation. One more thing to juggle into your busy schedule. So how do you balance it all and make it work without going crazy?

Well after a year of blogging, I certainly don't have it all figured out. There are times when I feel like I'm neglecting one obligation or another. But there are a few things I've learned along the way, and some things you may want to consider and keep in mind:

1.) Create a Schedule- now I say this loosely, because everyone's schedule is different and what seems like a schedule to me may just seem crazy to you. For example, I'm a night owl and often times will be up til 2 or even 3 in the morning writing a post. But I don't have to be up until 9 or 10a with the kids so this works for me. My other scheduled blog time is usually when my oldest is in school, my little one is taking a nap, and my middle daughter is playing in the living room (which is where I blog).

2.) Consider where you Blog- As I mentioned above, I blog in my living room on the couch. This allows me to keep an eye on the kids while working, and still be able to interact with them, and stop if I need to referee. ;) But for other bloggers, this might not work. The distraction and noise level is very high- kids, tv, etc. So for someone else, they may blog better while sitting at a desk in a separate room.

3.) Write a post a little at a time- this works for any post but especially for review or sponsored posts. As soon as you get an assignment or come up with a post idea, jot down a few things whether on the computer or on paper. You could come up with your title and add a logo or pictures, company info, then save it to your Drafts. Come back to it later, or in a day or two, and add more and finish it up. This also gives you the time to re-read your original content and edit if need be.

4.) Set a Deadline!!- this is so important, especially once again for those review or sponsored posts. Most times the company will specify a deadline, but if they don't, it makes you more likely to put it on the back burner and possibly forget about it. So even if you weren't given a deadline, set your own... whether it's the night before the post is due or a week in advance... the object is to get the post done. This is also good for personal posts- I don't know how many times I've started a personal post, saved it as a draft, and had it still be there months later.

5.) Utilize the 'Scheduled Post' Option- You don't always have to be right there to push the Publish Post button, you can be out with the family and let the computer do the work for you. Maybe you have your post finished and ready to go, but the company doesn't want it published until a certain date or it's relevant to a specific holiday or event. In that case, 'set it and forget it', schedule it for the day/time you want and let the computer do the rest. Of course you should try to find the time afterward to check on it and make sure it published correctly and at the time it was supposed to, since we all know technology isn't perfect.

6.) Learn when to say NO- is it really worth your time? When I first started blogging I took almost every opportunity that came my way. I've since realized that blogging is a lot of time and effort, and sometimes that little product I was sent really wasn't worth the time it took to write the post or the time I wasn't spending with my family. This could also go for areas in your life that are stretching you too thin and maybe you could cut down on, ie. helping at the kids school, playgroups, etc.

7.) Do what works for YOU!- there isn't one thing that will always work for everyone. Whatever your blogging style, you need to do what works best for you and your family. So even though the other blogger on the block may do things one way, doesn't mean that's how you have to do things... it's your blog and your time!

When it's all said and done, if blogging starts to feel like another chore and juggling everything really is becoming too much work... it could be time for a blogging break and maybe a little R and R is in order!

I'm Susan (aka. Susie B. Homemaker), stay at home mom to 3 beautiful girls ages 6 and under. I write about life as a mommy, share crazy toddler stories, pictures of my kids, along with occasional cleaning, recipe, & craft posts, as well as family-friendly product reviews and giveaways.

You can read more about me, check out some of my photos, or just take a peek at my blog... hope you'll stop by and visit. :)


  1. Sarah, Arik and Avas Mommy,May 12, 2011 at 1:22 PM

    Your tip #6 is definitely the hardest for me... I'm just now starting to learn when to say 'no' to those around me and 'yes' to my family and my self more! It sounds like you do have your schedule worked out well, Susan. Keep on bloggin', because we enjoy readin'! :-)

  2. Saying NO is a good tip! I said no to a lot of companies when Haley was born bc I knew it would be too much!

    Also, when we moved I turned our spare room into a computer/play room. It makes it much easier for me to blog and watch the babies!

  3. I totally agree about saying no...I'm not going to bore my readers with a sponsored post I got paid for in fruit cups...
    you know what I mean! ;)


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