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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day, Mommies!

Who better than our children to tell us why Moms are so great?! This Mother's Day, The Mommies Network reached out to little ones all over our network to get their take on Mommy. Here's what they had to say!

"You help me fix stuff, read me books, make me stuff to eat and smell pretty." -Will, age 5

"You read me llama llama, chase away the monsters and get me juice." -Zoe, age 3

"I love you cause you give me dessert." -Mackenzee, age 4

"Because we have fun days." -Alex, age 3

"I like your crazy hair and your smile." -Emmett, age 2.5

"I love to go outside with mommy. I like when mommy cuddles with me and bakes me cupcakes!" -Kylie, age 4

"I love mommy and big worms." -Quinn, age 2

"I love that we plant the garden, play outside and give us bathes. Cause she loves and hugs and kisses us." -Cienna, age 4

"Because you give me kisses and hugs, and tuck me in and give me bandaids." -Keira, age 4.5

"I love that she gives me a blue balloon." -Joseph, age 3

"I like you Mom. You're my favorite 4-year-old." -Autumn, age 4

" cream!" -Bennett, age 2

"That you make me turkey sandwiches". -Luke, age 3.5

"I love it when you play Army men the best!" -Jaden, age 4

"Kisses... and that's it." -Alex, age 4.5

"She let us get a puppy" -Delaney, age 7

"You giving me hugs and wearing me in the baby carrier." -Erin, age 3.5

"Your heart." -Liam 3

"Because you smell like wonderful!" -Isaiah, age 6

"Mommy make me so happy! I want her!" -Lukas, age 2

"That everyone says we look alike. You're pretty" -Kaitlyn, age 8

"I love that you buy us everything we want" -Ainsley, age 5

"I love it when you wear jewelry" -Jacob, age 4

"Snow, you like Snow White!" -Harley, age 2

"Because you dig worms with me!" -Thomas, age 4

"You ALWAYS take such good care of me when I throw up. You know JUST what to do to make me feel better. Daddy doesn't!" -Terry, age 4

"Your realness. You're straight up and not afraid to say something if it needs being said" -Robby, age 17

"Your fairness. Robby and I are treated fair, even though we're really different" -Drew, age 14

"Mommy I just love you for you." -Eli, age 3

"I love that you read me books at bedtime mommy." -Aerianne, age 7

"You gave Birth to me." -JP, age 9

"I love that she plays with me, and she looks the most beautiful." - Savanna, age 5

"I love when my mommy plays with me and makes things for me if I'm sad." -Ella, age 3

"I love that my mommy takes good care of us. And when I say I love you she always says, I love you more!" -Rhea, age 6

"I love my mommy the most cause she feeds me and reads me books." -Thomas, age 5

"I like you because you help me and get me to school and I love you by getting me food and keeping me healthy by giving me food!" -Ryley, age 4

"Hugging you and kissing you and buying stuff." - Nicholas, age 4

"Because you're really sweet and you love me a lot and you are a very good mommy and you keep me safe and never hurt my feelings. You are the best!" - Kaden, age 7

"You're nice when I come home from school." - Gavin, age 8

"I love that you play ring around the rosie with me." -Owen, age 3

Me- "What do you love about Mommy?"
E- "I love my friends."
Me- "I know, but what do you love about me?"
E- "I love my Grandma and Pop Pop"
Me- "Yes, but what do you love about MOMMY"
E- "I love my Daddy"
Me- "Yeah, let's go do the dishes"

-Elizabeth, age 4 & her mom

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