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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Making A Difference - One Mommy at a Time

Whitney, LouisvilleMommies

Whitney learned about The Mommies Network after having her first child four years ago. She was living in North Carolina at the time, and didn't know many other mommies. A friend told her about a local chapter of the network,, and she joined!

When asked what her favorite part of being a member of the LakeNormanMommies Community, Whitney stated: “I loved that as a new, first-time mom there were so many people that I could ask questions to! I also liked that there were a variety of events to attend because I lived far away from home and didn’t know other moms.”

Whitney and her family moved back to her home in Louisville three years ago. At that time, there were no Mommies Network communities in the region. She applied to open her own site and on May 26, 2008, LouisvilleMommies was born! In the three years since LouisvilleMommies has been open, they have acquired 300 members. Whitney hopes to have at least 500 by the end of the year!

When asked about her chapter and how she feels about it as a whole, Whitney stated: “I love our chapter. We started off so small and it took a while to build momentum, but now, things are growing rapidly! I love that we have so many events now and that moms are starting to form true friendships. They are starting to talk about our site the way I used to talk about my NC site, and that thrills me because that was the whole point! It has given me a sense of accomplishment in seeing something through! I am so happy to have formed new friendships and to have so many great things to offer to the moms in Louisville now! Every volunteer opportunity gives you insight into things you never would have known before and you can always look for ways to carry that through into other aspects of your life!”

And her advice to new or potential Chapter Managers: "Have patience! It takes a while to get members and to get people to talk, but once it takes off, it is sooooo worth it!”

When asked about the personal experience she's had with The Mommies Network and her own home chapter, Whitney stated: “I just think overall it has made me a better mom! I have friendships and seek advice from those who are living the same life as me every day! It has given me a respect for all different types of parenting! I think TMN is a true value in all moms’ lives because it is a free outlet to form friendships!” was opened in May of 2008 and currently has 312 members. Any mom in Louisville and the surrounding areas is welcome to apply and join the chapter - membership is free. Don't live in the Louisville? Check out to find a chapter in your area!

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