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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Making A Difference - One Mommy at a Time

Marissa Ackerman, founder of TriangleMommies

Seven years ago, Marissa Ackerman gave birth to her first child while living in a new town with no family or friends to lean on. Like any first time mom would be, she was terrified about facing this experience alone. Her husband's co-worker shared the first Mommies Network Support Community, CharlotteMommies with her, and that is where she gained a great deal of support and friendships during the biggest transition of her life!

Six months after joining CharlotteMommies, her husband got a new job in the Raleigh/Durham area. Not knowing many people with children, Marissa was asked if she would be willing to try out her own Mommies Network site in the Triangle Area of North Carolina.

As the "guinea pig" site, Marissa took some help from the CharlotteMommies founder Heather Fortune, and TriangleMommies took off! Moms in the area were thrilled to find a local, FREE, come as you are, and supportive network of women.

When asked how she made TriangleMommies what it is today she said,

“The one thing I learned most as an SA that has helped me lead all the organizations I work with is that you have to let go in order for things to flourish. One person is not gifted in every area, so you have to trust others who are gifted to help out. Some people will let you down or even hurt you, but that is rare compared to people doing their thing and making a group successful. People need to feel ownership or like they are a part of something in order to want to be part of it. So let them. You want to foster an environment where you don't have to beg for volunteers, but where people can't wait to help out. Of course you can always ask for specific things to be done, but if someone has an idea that is on the same page philosophically as what you are trying to do, them let them do it.” is about to celebrate its 6th birthday with over 2,300 local members! It was opened in 2005 and, in partnership with The Carolina Parent, has helped many moms from all walks of life feel supported and welcome in the Triangle Area! Any mom in Durham, Wake, or Eastern Orange County of North Carolina is welcome to apply and join the chapter - membership is free. Don't live in the Triangle Area? Check out to find a chapter in your area!


  1. Marissa is amazing! We're so lucky to have had someone like her start our community over in the Triangle. She's an incredible woman, and TriangleMommies is a wonderful community filled with amazing women! I'm happy to be a part of it. :)

  2. Marissa rocks! Triangle Mommies has been SUCH a great place for me to find support, friends, and has given me the chance to step up and volunteer in something I love dearly!


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