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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


St. Patrick's Day Facts

The "real" St. Patrick isn't even Irish! He was born in Britian.

When he was 16, he was kidnapped and forced to work as a slave in Ireland. It was this experience that turned him to Christianity, and eventually - Sainthood.

He eventually escaped, reunited with his family, became a priest - and then went back to Ireland to try and convert the Irish people to Christianity.

We celebrate on the anniversary of his death - March 17, 461 (1550 years ago!!!)

St. Patrick used the three leaves of the shamrock to explain the holy trinity (The Father, The Son & The Holy Spirit). There's nothing uniquely Irish about the shamrock, but it is used as tradition & a sign of good luck for the year.

Some people believe that St. Patrick drove snakes off the island of Ireland - and it's true that there are no snakes there - but there never were! The climate doesn't support their survival. However, it is meant as a symbol of St. Patrick driving out the "old, evil ways".

St. Patrick's Day wasn't a widely-celebrated holiday in the US until the 1970s! Priests would acknowledge the the feast day, but that was about it.

An average of 13 MILLION pints of Guiness are consumed on St. Patricks Day!


Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

How are you celebrating St. Patricks Day with your family?

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