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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Miss Scarlett - I don't know know nothin' about birthin' no babies"

One in four women do not feel adequately informed by their gynecologist, and almost half don’t take part in prenatal classes*.  These women don’t realize the risk of being unaware about medical consumerism and what impact that can make on their pregnancy, labor and delivery. In a day where elective procedures such as unnecessary ultrasound and scheduling inductions and cesarean sections for patients’ or doctors’ schedule confl icts, it’s no wonder the CDC reports our Caesarean section rate currently at 31.8% in the United States**.
Doctors are educated and trained to know how birth works and we value them to handle emergencies. Yet with a healthy pregnancy, labor and delivery, their input should only be to complement us, not do it for us.
Women today are doing it all. We run companies, we own companies, we work construction, we run for President. We buy stocks, we sell stocks, we buy houses, we sell houses. We have proven ourselves capable of all this, yet we have taken a step back in our own health management - and that of our baby’s.  We put so much time and effort into researching options and gas mileage when we are in the market for a new car but we don’t make educated decisions about our births.
We are made to birth our babies.  Women are strong and can make healthy choices to give their babies the best start to their lives. Get informed. Be proactive. Your future generation depends on it.  
Jeanette Albright lives in La Salle with her husband Aaron and three naturally birthed children. She is a SAHM, a “retired” structural engineer, an affiliated natural childbirth teacher of The Bradley Method and the writer of Childbirth & Beyond…Naturally for BlogsMonroe.  For more of Jeanette’s writing or contact information, visit  Jeanette is also the Site Administer for ToledoAreaMommies.
*Plataforma SINC
** National Vital Statistics  Reports Volume 57, Number 12
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