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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

BTS - you know what that means...

So, this is the dreaded, yet exciting time of year where my daughter and the kids I babysit are going back to school.  I really don't know what to say, other than this time of year drives me bonkers!!
There is the shopping for clothes, shoes, back packs and supplies.  Depending when you go to the store it is a mad dash to the right aisle and cross your fingers they have what your kids need.  Then there are sales and more sales on supplies - it is like Christmas early!  You head to one store for this because it is a penny, and another store for this because it is a nickel - really?  With gas being about $3.00 a gallon, just head to your local Wally World or something similar and get it all it really worth all the running around and gas guzzling?
The big deal in our household this year was cool backpacks or messenger bags and shoes.  Three kids all wanting specific book bags and us mom's crossing our fingers they last all year along with the "right" shoes.  I mean really, shoes?  We are talking about a six (girl), nine (boy) and eleven (girl) year old here.  You should have more important stuff to worry about other than shoes!  Here is your pair or boring white tennis shoes for gym and recess...period!  However, that is not the case, there is bling, brand names and athlete endorsements...sheesh!  I guess I am pretty fortunate that Sammie has a pretty unique sense of style and brand names aren't important to her.  She is happy getting stuff from JCP and Kohl's and mixing and matching to her hearts content.  It doesn't take much to make her happy, just some shirts and sweats, maybe a pair of mis-matched socks, hair in a ponytail and she is off - like I said, unique.
Then there are the BTS haircuts - why does this have to be so difficult.  I want bangs, I don't want bangs, I want a perm, I want to dye my hair, how about a mohawk, or better yet, a reverse mohawk?  Does it ever stop?  Just let the nice lady trim your hair so we can go home!
So, once the hairs are cut, clothes, shoes, supplies and book bags are bought it is the trip up to school to see who the next teacher is that will be tortured by myself and my child.  I admit it, I am a hands-on kind of parent.  I am divorced and my ex-husband and I have shared parenting.  In a nutshell, that means whatever he gets, I get and whatever teachers hand out at school, our daughter gets two copies - one for mom, one for dad - does that sound complicated to you?  It doesn't to me!  However the last five years have been a series of ups and downs when it comes to getting the same information sent to both parents.
Well, yesterday was the day that teacher lists were posted...fortunately I was not the one that took my daughter to see the list - I pawned her off for the week on my friend who is the mother of my daughter's bff.  So, she took them to see who they have, and as soon as they got there I got a text that said "Just wait for the phone call from Sammie".  I laughed, that meant drama ahead!
I got the phone call - well, actually I missed the first one which was followed by a 7 minute voice mail - I actually listened to it twice and laughed so hard I cried.  I then called her back and had to hear it all again.  She got the teacher she wanted, and so did her bff, so they are in the same class, along with some other great kids, but there is that one child in their class that ALWAYS causes drama!!  It has caused drama in the past when the three girls were separated and when they are together - it is a no win situation.
6th grade for our school district is a big deal.  There are district wide dances every month, DARE Graduation, a dress-up dance, the last time she can attend BINGO and the Carnival, class parties, graduation to Middle School, Camp Y-Noah, memory books and so much more and all I want is for her to have the best year of elementary school ever and create all kinds of awesome memories. 
Funny thing, I am looking forward to PTA meetings, volunteering, baking and doing all kinds of fun and creative stuff with Sammie this year.
School starts on Monday, the 104 days of Summer vacation are over and soon my life will return to its' regularly scheduled programming....I can't wait to enjoy my cup of coffee with a book, I am way behind on my reading, and catching up on my summer scrapbooking, but that is a story for another day.
Joelyn Morgan
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