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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Backwards and Inside Out

I can’t believe I had to say those three words, “I am sorry,” to my husband tonight. Please don’t get me wrong. I have no problem saying I am sorry when I am wrong, but for this?

A couple of weeks ago, our baby girl spit up all over her outfit and mine, just as we were ready to leave for work and day care. I quickly ran up the stairs, handed Molly to her daddy, along with a clean dress. I quickly changed my clothes and ran back downstairs to clean the floor, before the dog could do it for me. It was barely 7:00 am. I went to work and Todd dropped the kids off at day care. 

At 5:00 pm, I picked up Tyler and Molly and headed home to feed them (Todd had a meeting to go to). I finished feeding Molly and started burping her. As I tapped her on the back, my hand hit something. What could it be? I looked at her back and immediately started giggling. I was hitting three big buttons. Yes, her dress was on backwards and yes, it was the same dress daddy put her in at 7:00 am. Can you tell that daddy is used to boys? He has brothers and has had a son for almost four years. He is new to the little girl thing. Pink was a foreign color in our house until six months ago.

When Todd got home, I let him know, through my giggles, that Molly spent her day in a backwards dress. He said, “Are you sure?” Of course I am sure, the three quarter sized buttons were spaced down the length of her back and the two pockets were on her bum. Looking perplexed he said, “Buttons can go in the back and I have pockets on my behind. What is the problem?” The whole thing made both of us laugh until tears ran down our faces. He then asked if I would dress Molly in the morning. Sure, why not. The things we do to keep our spouses happy and stress free.

Fast forward to today. Our morning routine was a little out of sync. Todd had to go into work early, so I was charged with getting Tyler and Molly up, fed, dressed and dropped off at day care on time. I also had to take the dog out and get myself ready. I also have to admit that I am having trouble getting out of bed this week because once again it is dark out when the alarm goes off (a sign that summer is starting to fade away).

I went to work hoping for a calm day, which is pretty unusual the week before school starts, but a girl can hope. It was close to 10:30 am when I received a frustrating email. Instead of hitting reply, I thought it was in my best interest to take a walk and clear my head. I told my office mates that I was going for a walk. After a few seconds, I found myself in the ladies room. This is when it happened. 

I looked down and realized that my underwear was inside out. Yes, inside out. I started to laugh out loud (glad there was no one else in the bathroom). Needless to say, I forgot all about that frustrating email. I am happy to report that my underwear was clean, just inside out. This was not some college trick of waiting until the last minute to do laundry when your only two choices are to wear it inside out or run to Target.  

I have no one to blame for this, but myself. But, I do have someone to apologize to – my husband. For we all make fashion mistakes – backwards or inside out!

Jennifer Howe lives in Huntersville, NC with her husband, Todd, and two children, Tyler (3 ½ ) and Molly (6 months). She is a member of LakeNormanMommies and is the Director of Communications at a local independent school in Charlotte, NC.

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