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Monday, July 19, 2010

What does it mean to be a Mom?

I have been a mom for almost two years now, a newbie. Many years I have watched and learned from those that I admire and those that I never want to be.

Some of the common traits that I have seen in inspirational moms -
  1. Patient, calm, and never seem to be flustered.
  2. Attentive and listen to their children. If the children are young and impetuous, I have noticed they calmly ask their children to wait their turn. Love it and hope I can do it!
  3. Loyal to their families.
  4. Playful. You see them smiling and enjoying spending time with their children.
  5. Watchful, not smothering. I notice they set boundaries and let their children test them only to meet a consistent and firm response to remind them.
  6. Supportive. Help and share in their children's dreams. They don't criticize, only show ways to reach their goals.
  7. Eat dinner together. Share stories of the day.
  8. Creative. Practice and invent crafts to do with their children. Perfection is left at the door, because everything created together is perfect.
  9. Don't criticize. Life is hard enough, no need to bring up the shortcomings of their children. Teach them to use their strengths to investigate ways to handle difficulties.
  10. Hold hands with their children.
  11. Love on their children unconditionally. Demonstrate this love often and with abandon. Hugging, kissing, and saying "I love you!" often.
  12. Their children are the light in their eyes! You are almost blinded by the light they emit when they talk about their children.
  13. Proud. Proud to be their mother, proud of their child, and proud of their families.
  14. Talk about their children often. They aren't as accessory or obligation, they are a gift to be appreciated always.
  15. Problem solvers. There isn't one thing they won't do to help their children with anything. They will find the resources to help them with any struggles they may face.
  16. Security. No matter what happens they are a secure place for their children to return.
  17. Understanding. They realize that many factors affect their children's behaviors. They understand the source of the reactions. Handle the source and not the child.
I am not saying these mothers don't have bad days. We all have them. The sum of all the good days is greater than the few bad days. Your children will always remember the good times as long as the bad days are treated as fleeting. I want to be all this for my daughter and more.

By Shannon Henrici. I have started a new blog. I want to create a place for inspiration – finding
it, creating it, and sharing it. Check it out, please leave me some suggestions. I would love to
hear what you have to say.

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  1. Shannon, thank you for your thoughs and the list! You'll go into my book as "inspirational mom" just because you are thinking and doing something to make you an even better mom :) I can definitely learn from that! I love what you say and I'll keep that in mind "The sum of all the good days is greater than the few bad long as the bad days are treated as fleeting"

  2. Thank you for your kind words! I am by no means perfect. I love your quote "the sum of all the good days is greater than the few bad days... as long as the bad days are treated as fleeting." I may have to add that one to my list too. :) We moms need to stick together, raising children is hard.


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