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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hardcore Television Challenge

Hardcore Television Challenge
Our household has done only thirty minutes of television. PER WEEK!
I’m VERY proud. And extraordinarily exhausted. Oh and my friends think that I’ve died. They sent flowers. Which was nice but weird.
Other ways my life has changed:
  • E comes with me to read with N for her naps which sweet and helpful. Except when he won’t come. And instead puts lipstick on.
  • I am not on the computer as much and cannot answer the phone easily. But I just think of SAHM-ing as a job now and most people can’t just chat anytime at their jobs. Or maybe they can. When I talk on the phone, the other ends hears a consistent AHHHHHHHHH in the background until I finally give up.
  • E is doing nearly an hour of quiet time during N’s afternoon nap. Learning to amuse himself is such a GOOD thing. I can’t wait for him to teach me.
  • I’m totally exhausted at the end of the day. But I also feel good with all the cute art projects to show for my hard work. Until E decides to remove every paper glued down and N eats them.
  • We have play dough EVERYWHERE. But it hides the food on the floor.
  • I cook during the quiet time so we eat a lot of room temperature meals.
I got so many great suggestions on I Ask that I couldn’t include them in this blog post. Or it would go on for two days and you would never realize what I have in store for you!
Do you want to join me on the Late Enough Hardcore Television Challenge? I have two buttons for two separate challenges. The SERIOUSLY DUDE 30 Minutes Of Television A Day or the SERIOUSLY HARDCORE 30 Minutes Of Television A Week.
We’ll do it for the month of July. With weekly updates (support, hugs, maybe candy). I plan to post my update every Thursday. So come by to link up Wednesday night/Thursday morning.
Comment here or email me if you’re interested. I’ll email you the badges or you can grab them below. (Just grab the html code. If you need help with using them let me know.)
And I’m thinking #tvchallenge as the Twitter hashtag. Or maybe #icantanswerthephonebecauseiamplayinggofishforthethreehundredthtime. Oh wait that’s already 140 characters of DESPAIR.
If you don’t have a blog, you can write out your experience on your Facebook notes and we can link it into the Late Enough Facebook page. Here are the Facebook note: Television Challenge Info For Non-Bloggers.
And if you don’t have Facebook or Twitter or a blog? How the heck did you even FIND me? No, seriously, just email me your experience at and I’ll get it up on the site.
If we get enough people, I’ll look into sponsors. Maybe we can get some help with amusing our children. Or even start a revolution. Watch out Panasonic and Sony. (But don’t go too far you big hunks of electronic. I may want to watch a movie when the kids go to bed.)
Meanwhile you can peruse the comments section of my original post on giving up television to get ideas.  
UPDATE: You can take the challenge yourself. I’ll make you a button because I love you. Email me and let me know.

<a href=""><img src="" alt="" title="Television Challenge Button" width="196" height="150" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-743" /></a>

<a href=""><img src="" alt="" title="Television Challenge Button 2" width="195" height="150" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-741" /></a>

This challenge is brought to you by Alex Iwashyna, a happily married mom of two children with a BA in Political Philosophy and a Medical Degree, who currently stays at home with her children and writes.  She blogs at Late Enough, which is mostly about life, parenting, marriage, politics, culture, religion, and Alex's inability to wake up in the morning and not hate everyone.  Often zombies, fire, and rude Southern people make blog appearances, but she can pretty much guarantee that she'll still be in her pjs while fighting them off.  She also hangs out on Facebook and tweets @L8enough.

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  1. Yay! Thanks for the support TMN! And if you join in now, you've already gotten to miss a week and a half! Lucky jerk!

  2. Hey i am ready to take this challenge..


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