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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Baby "Modelquins"

My children are beautiful-seriously. I know every mother thinks her baby is the future face of Gerber or the next Grand Prize Winner in Regis Philbin's search for the most beautiful baby in America, but let me assure you I am not just another prejudiced mother. All sarcasm and indulgence aside, my toddler boys, Camden and Cavan, are my pride and joy, but the truth is I can't pin my children down long enough to take a decent photo, and when they see the camera, they run screaming (the adorable shot below is and exception).
lifeguard boys.jpg
My family has been urging me for a while to get the boys involved in modeling, but we have yet to make it to the big time. Well family, you will be proud to know that just last week, the boys made their accidental modeling debut at the Old Navy store in Savannah, GA.

The last week of June and beginning of July, for all of you bargain hunters, is the perfect time to shop for summer clearance items and take advantage of Independence Day sales. Being the patriot that I am, I decided to take the boys on a little shopping field trip to the Oglethorpe Mall in
Savannah, GA and load up on swim gear for our July 4th celebration at the beach. They are past the age where I can strap them into the double stroller without protest, but I thought that with a little pre-op planning and the promise of post-op rewards, that my little soldiers just might pull through for the greater good.

We spent the morning upsetting the studious customers at Barnes and Noble while I browsed in vain for a beach read (which I know I will never read), and after a chaotic attempt at "lunch" in the food court, I buckled the boys down, pushed them across enemy lines and right into the line of fire at the crowded Old Navy. I didn't have a quarter for the prize machine (located in the rear of the store), but I thought I had enough little cars and toys to keep them busy for 15 minutes or so. Clearly, I did not, or I my idea of 15 minutes in Old Navy might be a little distorted. Regardless, I knew I didn't have long before the boys went AWOL-and they did. I gave my boys some shoes to try on, and while they were strapped down and fumbling with the shoes, I circled a rack for just a minute. I could still see the stroller from around the circular rack, but I must have missed the moment when my boys slipped from the seat belts like slick escape artists. I turned back around and panicked when I saw them missing from the stroller. My panic turned to relief when I saw them sitting on top of the nearby display table sorting and swapping the $5 graphic t-shirts.  They were safe! They were looking pleased with themselves and so adorable- they could have been models!

The lesson has been learned on my part. Apparently, they are too smart for the stroller, and I can become a little distracted with a sale. I need to keep my activities toddler-friendly, and I'll hold out for a sitter the next time I want to bargain-hunt at the mall.
Michelle Jarrell
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  1. Yes and this is why I haven't been in a mall since my oldest turned 2..LOL


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