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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Encouragement and Tips from Frugal Blogs

Is your family living frugally these days? Mary Ann Romans, from the Frugal Living column
( says, “.
. . too often, we focus on the deprivations of living frugally . . . . But
this is the wrong attitude. Frugal living is a blessing in many ways.”
Often, it means more family time, or more hands-on do it yourself fun.

A great way to find encouragement and practical ideas about living
frugally is to read blogs Here’s a tour around some popular blogs about
frugality. Notice that each blog emphasizes something different and has a
slightly different audience in mind.

Focus: finances
Kyle, a  frugal father from Redding, California, blogs here, saying, “I
blog about online coupons, frugal ways to save money, shopping tips,
personal finance tips, and of course the adventures and mis-adventures of
raising 3 active kids.” Online coupons has increased dramatically since
2007 and Kyle helps you stay on top of hot coupons.

Interesting post: “Frugal Ways to Stay in Shape.” Kyle lost 45 lbs. in the
last two years – frugally.

Focus: mothering
Written for moms, Trisha Novotny, mother of five kids,  wants to inspire,
equip and connect moms in all stages of mothering. Frugal living is a
frequent topic.

Interesting post: “Frugal Affordable Vacations” This great post offers
links for online resources to finding frugal airline tickets, lodgings,
meals, entertainment and more while traveling with your family.

Focus: self-reliance
Greg and Renee Rouse, with their family of eight, offer free resource to
show how to be more frugal and self-reliant through family preparedness
and money saving skills.

Interesting post: The Rouses feature a weekly post on how to feed a family
of eight for $5. Try this one on shepherd’s pie. “Family Meals for Under
$5 - Shepherd’s Pie.”

Focus: conservative approach to finance, for example, no debt.
Frugal Dad has worked at a call center for credit card and bank card
products, has been in debt and gotten out of debt, and now focuses on
helping people stay out of debt.
Interesting post: “Free Dates Your Wife Will Love” Guest blogger, Bob,
recommends a wide range of activities from a moonlit, romantic walk to a
photo-shoot of each other, not stopping until you have 1-200 photos.

Focus: Weekly Blog Carnival about pinching pennies out of dollars.
A Blog Carnival is an online aggregation of posts on a certain topic. This
website hosts a weekly carnival on some topic about frugal living, making
it a good place to sample a wide range of blogs in this area.

Interesting post: “Festival #177 Sees Shoes for Savings”
The May 12, 2009 carnival featured links to five articles about everything
from frugally eating out to how to commute by bike.

Focus: Reports, confessions and lessons learned from a mom trying to get
out of debt.
Lynnae reports on her ongoing efforts to get out of debt from credit
cards, loans for college, debts from just plain living. If you want to
hear from someone who is deep in the struggle to live frugally, this one’s
for you.

Interesting post: “Tightwad Tuesday: Water Heater Woes” What’s a tightwad
to do when a water heater springs a leak?

Interested in investigating more blogs about frugal living?
“10 Popular Frugal Living Blogs”

“How to Live Frugally: 10 Questions from 10 Top Frugal Blogs”

“Top 100 Blogs to Help You Find Free Stuff”

“Top 100 Blogs for the Frugal Gourmet”

A final frugal tip: Read these blogs on the computers at your local library.

Children’s book author and writing teacher, DARCY PATTISON
( is published in eight languages.  Her
picture books include The Journey of Oliver K. Woodman (K-5), Searching
for Oliver K. Woodman (1-5) and 19 Girls and Me (K-5).

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