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Friday, May 7, 2010

Puttin' on the Ritz

I've breastfed Elizabeth for almost nine months now.  We delayed solids and didn't start her on food until she was just past six months old.  I buy organic, fresh produce.  I painstakingly steam, bake, and puree her baby food.  I freeze it in ice cube trays and then put the cubes in neatly labeled jars and bags.  I agonize over the lack of diversity in her diet and research various fruits and vegetables to decide when to introduce them.  I make sure to always pack bananas and avocados when we're traveling. I'm sure to always wait three days between each introduction in case of an allergic reaction.

All of this takes time, energy and organization - three things that are not always plentiful.  There are nights that I'm steaming sweet potatoes and baking butternut squash while the rest of the family sleeps.


"Hey baby," Chad said over the phone, "can Elizabeth drink water?"

"Well..." I hedged.  "Technically she can, but only a little bit.  To be honest though, she really shouldn't need it.  Her baby food and breastmilk have enough water in them to keep her hydrated."

"Yeah.  Well.  I think she's thirsty."

"She shouldn't be."

"Well, I fed her Ritz crackers and now she seems thirsty."


"Baby?  You there?"




"Don't worry!  I checked the sodium content and they seemed way better than Saltines."

*face desk*

Mandy Dawson is a wife and mother of two living on the Central Coast of California.  When she's not hiding the snack crackers, she can be found at http://inmandyland.blogspot.


  1. This is ME! OMG! I breastfed for two years, I painstakingly made every ounce of baby food from our organic garden and farmer's market produce, and spent hours deciding which food to introduce next. Her first birthday cake was sweetened with applesauce and raisins, and made with whole grain flour. And yet my MIL (who always bragged about how great my daughter's diet was to all her friends) would try to give her bites of a casserole made with cheez wiz, condensed soup, sour cream, and a can of overcooked and extra salted green beans. AHHHHHHHH!

  2. Haha! Yep.

    What's amazing is that he called to ask if she could have water. LOL

  3. Megan - Oh no!! I feel your pain. I really do. (And I think my MIL made that exact. same. casserole last week.)

    Shannon - The water question stemmed from a episode where the babysitter decided E was still hungry and fed her 4 oz of water. When she was three months old. My husband had to listen to me go ballistic so now approaches water with caution. If only he did the same with Ritz...


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