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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Babies and Toddlers in Makeup

I was doing some research for my job the other day when I stumbled upon a topic I feel very strongly about.  I have known about the exploitation of children models and beauty contestants, but never thought much about it ------ UNTIL NOW!!!!!  Make up on babies and toddlers!!! 

I had my first child later in life, therefore I am new in this world of parenting, I want to raise my little girl the best way I know how.  In order to accomplish this, I research methods for positive parenting.  My job also allows for this research and gives me the opportunity to share the things I learn.  In a way, I have been enabled to help others in my boat.  Great perk!

Back to the topic at hand, I am appalled at the press of heavily made up celebrity children.  What is it teaching our children?  You aren’t good enough, just as you are!!  Makeup, clothes and eventually plastic surgery are the ways to make you better.   We all know that is a never ending battle.  I can’t believe they start these children out at such a young age to hate themselves and want to change.  Is this how the Anna Nicole Smiths and Pamela Anderson were raised?  How many people, like Michael Jackson, have been in the news, because of their addiction to plastic surgery?

I am writing this from the point of view of ex-diva!  I grew up in a household where you never went outside without makeup and your hair done.  It was considered a personal insult to my mother, if we didn’t have everything perfect.  I can remember many fights over my appearance.  My hair was bleached blond by age 10, at the Clinique counter for a make over by age 12, and a nose job by 16.  I don’t blame my mother, she was very insecure.  Her appearance is all she thinks she has.  She still spends over 3 hours getting ready to just walk outside the house.  I grew up feeling the same way. Before I would leave the house each morning, I had to check with my mom, “How do I look?”  Those three words were always said with dread, because inevitably she would find something wrong with my makeup, hair or outfit.  All of this turned me into a lunatic.  I can remember days getting ready for a date where I would change my outfit at least 12 times, cry for over an hour, and hate myself.  Nothing was ever good enough and I never thought I had reached this unobtainable PERFECT appearance.  I was miserable and I spent a lot of money trying to keep up.

One day, I woke up!  I was driving to work, late because I took too long getting dressed, when I asked myself, “Why?”  I was becoming more and more comfortable with who I was as a person.  I was married and my husband loved me with or without all the dressings.  When I boiled down all the things that were really important in life, clothes, makeup, hair and nails didn’t even fit on the list.  The biggest part of happiness is respecting who I am and what I look like.  I love my body, my mind and my appearance.  With this love and respect for myself, I take care of my health and body.  I am neither a waif or overweight, I am one of those crazy people who love to exercise.  The adrenaline rush and the power of using my muscles is very motivating.    I have to admit, I still color my hair, because of the overwhelming number of gray hairs on my 38 year old head.  Not ready to accept the elderly appearance, just yet.

Since I am in confession mode, I must admit I have been strangely addicted to Nip/Tuck.  For those who don’t know, it is a soap opera about of two egotistical, sex addicted, insecure plastic surgeons.  The families from this show are torn apart and scarred for life from living in this lifestyle.  I think I loved it, because it took the blinders off the view of the glamorous life.  You never knew what crazy direction the story was going.  I felt ashamed that I was addicted, but then I always felt better about my simple – Happy – life.

My goal for my little girl is that she loves who she is and how she looks.  I want her to respect herself.  In doing this, it is very important I set the example.  I fully intend to exercise with her, in whatever form she wants.  I am not planning any highlights for her hair, makeup or cosmetic enhancements.  She is absolutely a natural beauty! 

As a mom, I just can’t imagine these mothers of child models and beauty contestants want to create the insecurities these types of situations cause.    I don’t have anything against child models or pageants, but show off their natural beauty.  The manufactured beauty our society has encouraged is dangerous and unhealthy.  Take a look at some of these celebrities off screen, they are dressed down and I’ll bet happier!  High heels, hair spray, makeup, hair color, nail polish – these are not natural, not too mention harmful.

I have to laugh when I see that beauty tips for applying makeup to appear as if you don’t have on any makeup – Natural Beauty! Why not just go natural? But apart from what we are doing to our health, we are destroying our self confidence! 

By Shannon Henrici writer for My Baby Clothes Boutique, specializing in picture perfect baby clothes, baby headbands and baby hats!  These clothes are sure to enhance the NATURAL beauty of your child!


  1. 101% agree with Shannon! Instead of focusing on outer beauty, we should focus on INNER beauty. Every adult should do that, let alone small children.

  2. I see toddlers in everyday life wearing makeuup applied by their mothers. I can't believe that parents would want to "tart" up their little children. I was offended and dismayed.


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